The Electoral College TOWN WIN


Welcome to the electoral college mafia. This game is exclusively formed of mafia, lone wolves and town.

All role PM’s will be sent out momentarily.

Mafia will receive: MAFIA

Town will receive: TOWN

Lone wolf will receive: WOOFWOOF

All mafia are aligned (including lone wolf)

Each night, you must vote for a president… Please vote for N0 now.

Day 1 starts in 24h.

Ladies & Gentlemen,

The early polls are in!

Ladies & Gentlemen, welcome to Fax & Friends in the morning. So glad that you could join us on our program today as we are here to discuss tonight’s election… And what a night it has been?

Right you are Bob, this election is no doubt going to be a historic vote for the great country of America. I was speaking to the leading candidate this morning and they said: “It’s not over yet”

Can you believe this guy, I mean, the level of modesty and integrity among our candidates this year, especially the lead candidate is unprecedented. Truly remarkable.

Yes, this class of presidential candidate has me simply on the edge of my seat, now to our remote correspondent on the results.

I told you not to call me Bob on the air! My name is Roberta!

Sorry Bob, it just goes so well in a sentence… Imagine the momentum I would lose if I had to say RO-BERTH-TAAAAAAH… I wouldn’t be able to get anything out to our viewers… Our air time is already limited

Are we still…

Here is our remote correspondent live from Afghanistan

Ahhh Roberta, ever a pleasure. I will allow you two to resolve that debate while I move onto the more pressing matters, the polls! I hear that it is not a matter of if, but when… We will certainly have a winner by the end of the night.

Right, now can you tell us about the results you are seeing in the polls and what we can expect from our new president?

You bet sister, my sources in Washington indicate that we are very close to having a result. The white house is being cleared out for the new President, once they are announced.

And how are you coming by this information? Can you tell us who is leading in the polls?

I entirely agree Roberta, it is a beautiful day here in Afghanistan and the birds are singing, they are singing of joy for this candidate… And hmm oh, this candidate as well. My sources in Washington are telling me that this candidate will almost certainly hold the White House

How about the vote counts, how are you tracking this?

Without a doubt Roberta, here let me see…



Oh and those ones over there…

Let’s not forget Nebraska…


Ladies and Gentlemen, that was Ali Kebab, our local correspondent from Afghanistan, we’re out of time here today! Be sure to tune in next time on Fax & Friends as we continue our coverage of the Election Day results

I’m pretty sure it’s night… Election …

I swear, another word Reginald, and I’m calling in HR.

This has been Fax & Friends!

Good Night~

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Ladies & Gentlemen,

We have a result. In a historical landslide vote, the very first president of the United States has been elected. May his term be a symbol of hope for all of Humanity…

And yes, he is Canadian.



Day 1 Begins now.

8 Alive, takes 5 to lynch

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please allow me first to say what an honour it is, for all of you to have been given the opportunity to vote for me, this is just like it was in high school, when my friends, yes I had a lot of them, were able to nominate me as president of the student bodies, and trust me they had nice ones HA, and then, it’s like, you know, how even though, yeah, you know what I mean, see, they just like know things at that age, even then, I was very smart, the smartest, top of my class, you know, not like PRESIDUMB OBUMMER, and yeah, that’s when I knew, that I was meant to do this, that even though I was Canadian, that I could be the best president of the United States of 'Merica, because unlike some other presidents, I believe in freedom, and that means the freedom to choose your president, like you’ve chosen me, as your president, which was smart, almost as smart as I am, you know what I’m saying because you’re all very smart people, very good genes, no that’s not racist or anything I’m just saying, some genes are better than others, and ours, you know the ones I’m talking about, North Americans, you know what’s funny, ha ha North America is just a part of America, that’s why a Canadian was able to become president HAH A, just happen to be better than other genes, it’s like my uncle, who is a world famous geneologist, so you know he knows genes, he told me that North Americans are so superior, THE BEST, because we don’t spend our time drinking tea with our pinkies out, you know what we spend our time on, it’s my favourite passtime, if you know what I mean, it’s why our genes are so good, that’s why, I think, we are the best, but you know, we’ve not been the best lately, and I think it’s due to certain things, certain countries sending us their people, but they don’t send us their best, some I’m sure are nice people, but they’re sending us not their best people, so to make this thread great again I’m gonna have to do some purges, you know, drain the swamp, like my uncle, a famous home builder, does to build new houses, he’s gotta drain the swamp before building stuff, and that’s what we’re gonna do, drain the swamp, and build a new America, and we’re gonna rebuild it better, faster, stronger than ever!

Presidential Address

The newly appointed President of the United States has voiced his support for the Electoral College in his inaugural speech. The Electoral College is now empowered for the duration of the presidential term.

Peace Rally

There is a peace rally that seems to be attracting a crowd in downtown D.C. You may choose to join them, if you do, you will forego your right to vote today. If a majority of players join the peace rally, the day ends with no lynch.

Once you join the peace rally, you are compelled to stay and cannot leave.

wowee, count me out

I’m comedian I’m not Canadian

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I know that people love my voice, who wouldn’t, but ya we need some more people talking and stuff
Btw i’m lynchproof so pls don’t think about voting me



I think everyone should claim whom they voted for, hm? I’ll go last.

I voted for you.


I figured the best Mafia player should be President.

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I voted Jackthewolfy

I also voted for the most cute guy here.

I voted Andrés


I was talking about myself, but you’re a cute town guy too ;3

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