TGIRML Mafia Over

Is there a way to summarize it into a single paragraph?

Yeah man the paragraph starts with 2.

Why was it made to be more complicated than before? :thinking:

Progress is just the process of making your user’s lives harder with no actual benefits to them.

But also… needing alive tags to work properly is not exactly new lol

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I’ve never done this on any site ever.

Wait, why does it indicate that chesskid hasn’t posted?

Ohh, I see

Well in that case there’s nothing stopping you from counting votes manually if you don’t want to set anything up! :smiley:

Alright, @Players Please note that you will be on your own for counting votes this game. Zhanglang said so.

Why did I join this game lmao

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I feel like that’s a bigger ping than you meant

In any case I can’t even edit your op on this account so I believe in you finding the strength

Not joining the game doesn’t save you

I didn’t

gimme a break, this is obviously a starv alt

it’s so

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I deny it.

You will deny it 3 times just like peter?

I actually don’t hate my role.

Nice try.

Hahaha I will not give you the satisfaction.

Wow, an anime girl that looks like a stupid ugly beetle, they really will draw anything won’t they

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Apparently Gokicha is “a heartwarming story about a cockroach girl who tries to be liked by humans while dodging the insecticide”. I thought it was appropriate for the bug theme the game used to have