Texas Town (Town Win!)

oh just checked and the scum team were given a sample town role pm

so I’m gonna take a wild guess and say DS scum.


Where does it say that?

i asked nanook–everybody else should ask him too since i cant quote it.

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Also nope, town, i realized in the demon game that Nanook doesn’t have standardized role pms but that he reuses things ie a lot on your shoulders etc and figured that seemed like one of those things

This is a much more aggressive Mewtwo

Are you trying to play into your smogon meta here?

im just being natural lol

but yeah I am trying to change my town meta here as well

This is smogon town M2H aggressive but I in no way am going to underestimate you again after last game

Get your vote off me

okay you get to live for now


Also lol I glazed over this

Obviously scum isn’t going to say that their pm does or does not say that but one flip could confirm it

well nice attempt but it’s all moot bc scum have a sample.


A boi can dream

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this is an interesting angle to think of in regards to me and it probably is good.

This setup is like a better popcorn tbh



that game was a meme lmao