Texas Town (Town Win!)

The game starts with 5 town and 3 scum. D1 plays out as normal, with a person dying via Town Kill (TK)—majority ends day early, plurality at EOD if no majority reached by then. If that player is scum, the scum get a N1 NK. If the player is town, that town player gets a gun and can shoot someone. If they shoot scum, the day ends. If they shoot town, they die immediately and the newly shot town player gets the gun. This continues until a scum dies or the scum reach their win condition (covered below). A town player that has been shot always dies at the end of the day. Shots are compulsory, if no shot is submitted a town player is shot at random by the GM.


Andres is TKed on D1. He is scum. Day ends and scum have a N1 NK. D2 M2H is TKed. He is town. He shoots Chesskid. Chesskid is town. Chesskid shoots DS. DS is scum. Day ends, scum do not get a NK, M2H Chesskid and DS all die.

Example 2:
Chesskid is TKed D1. He is town. He shoots DS. DS is scum. Scum get a N1 NK, Chesskid and DS die.

Win conditions:

Town: kill all the scum

Scum: outnumber the town, OR get to 1:1 (so 2:3 and 1:1 win, 3:3 does not).

Days will be approximately 72 hours long, majority will end day early. A town with a gun will have 24 hours to shoot. Talking in thread is allowed as normal during the shot period. Nights with a NK will be approximately 24 hours, nights without will be 12ish. Scum have 24/7 communication.

Replacement policy: If you have to replace out, I’ll accept any sub you provide. If I would have to find your replacement, I’ll modkill instead.


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Role PMs are out, respond to yours or like this post to confirm. Game will start as soon as we have 6 or 7 confirmations.



D1 has started, go go go!

Deadline to TK someone is 2019-08-18T22:00:00Z

shoot Ellibereth

first day we have to vote somebody normally i think

shoot m2h

also i am in fact town this game

screw you checkerskid

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I have a feeling I may have another really easy way to auto confirm I’m town here by saying

im here to shoot the face off of someone else

Let’s see if scum have the same wording

And if so, Nanook really needs to learn to standardize wording in role pms

i mean my role pm says the same thing but im p sure scum wouldn’t be lining up to tell you whether their pm says the same thing or not lmao.

also think trying to angleshoot smth like that is pretty against the spirit of the game frendo

oh just checked and the scum team were given a sample town role pm

so I’m gonna take a wild guess and say DS scum.


Where does it say that?

i asked nanook–everybody else should ask him too since i cant quote it.

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Also nope, town, i realized in the demon game that Nanook doesn’t have standardized role pms but that he reuses things ie a lot on your shoulders etc and figured that seemed like one of those things