Texas Town Scummer McScummersons

Welcome to Texas Town!

Your Role:

You are scum! Gasp and shock! If you get TKed, you die. If you get shot, you die. If the town TKs a scum or shoots a scum on their first attempt, you get a NK. You win by reaching majority or if there are exactly one scum and one town left (3 scum and 2 town wins, 3 scum and 3 town does not). Respond here to confirm your role.

A town PM looks like:

"Welcome to Texas Town!

Your Role

You are town! Not only that, you’re a Texan. That means that if you get TKed or shot, you’ll have the opportunity to shoot the face off of someone else, and isn’t that fun! You win by killing all the scum. Respond to this message to confirm."

fuck yeah i love being scum.

We dont know our mates?

My dude.

Check the recipients :joy:

oh lord, the scummiest of all scum teams

Fuckin dickels

as soon as the game opens im going to post:

Okay let me see if I can auto-town clear myself rn by saying

im here to shoot the face off of someone else

Yall should then try and push that im auto cleared off that statement ftw

Or I’m going to ignore u like I usually do :ok_hand:

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Solid plan. We let Elli auto-confirm me off that so we can laugh at him later

solid teem

If someone asks I’ll say that scum are provided with a sample town role PM. FYI.

dang being scum on 451 is tough

i already scumslipped

Where lol

I said I’d keep people updated on who I’d shoot on my hypolynch

(rather than on my death)

Scum only get a kill on scum TK/first shot hitting scum

It wasn’t a super clear slip

Think ur fine

Ya when I said clear I didn’t mean poorly communicated: I meant not clear based on role pms. Somebody def could make the case scum are more likely to make a post like that though.

Then u tell em heck no Elwood made that post and he is T O W N

I got a plot in mind to tr you off this if we spin it right

general idea will be nobody actively tries to look this town

and being so disappointed by not being tred is actually some kind of slayer’s gambit

so you need some kind of proof that you’ll use these responses to get reads

then i’ll tr you for using slayer’s gambit


wtf is a slayers gambit