Test Game

This is a test game for use with the New Light and New Dark themes.

Images not supported yet.




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Are you using javascript to position the bottom nav?

Big oops, left sidebar was only visible on my account. Fixed that.

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Is there some issue with it?

What’s with the tacky buttons on mobile at the bottom of the screen?

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Yeah fuck those jeez

Are they too large?

Too tacky, too large

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Cheap, without purpose

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They’re to support sidebars on mobile. Is it the icon choice itself + the size that seems “tacky”.

Need something a bit more concrete, “make smaller and change the icons” I can do.

Yeah, also the profile settings icon is entirely pointless.

Home icon does the same thing as clicking on the logo

ty, updating

Messages button is somewhat useful given that accessing inbox on mobile is a nightmare

No it isn’t?

Three taps isn’t the fastest but you can get all the important messages in two

I was trying to give him at least one W