Tarot uPick Discussion and Sign-Up

I’d like to run another Tarot uPick for my first modded game on Mafia451

Players: At least 9 - up to 19

Flavor: Game will be based on the Deviant Moon Tarot. The game will feature some tarot-inspired mechanics, but no alignment changes.

The Deviant Moon tarot deck is a descendant of the Ryder Waite deck, so you can use R-W meanings to select your card picks. If you have any questions (or if I know your card has unique or idiosyncratic meanings or symbolism in the Deviant Moon Deck), we can discuss when you’re ready to make your card picks.

Links to R-W meanings for

Major Arcana: http://www.tarot-card.net/majorarcana.htm
Court Cards: http://www.tarot-card.net/courtcards.htm
Minor Arcana: http://www.tarot-card.net/minorarcana.htm

The interpretations I’ll use for the game are not entirely R-W standard, but more of an amalgam of R-W, Thoth and a few other sources.

Choose three cards, ranked in your preference order. In the next couple of days I’ll post photos with all the Deviant Moon cards to help with choosing.

I ran a few Tarot uPicks at MS

Original Tarot uPick micro game is here.

I also ran a Large Theme Tarot uPick, but this game will probably be more similar to the micro than the large theme.

The most recent Tarot uPick was a micro game here.

My usual method for designing Tarot uPicks is

  1. Determine each player’s significator card from their three choices
  2. Design a town role using inspiration from all three cards chosen, emphasizing the significator.
  3. Do a random roll for alignments
  4. Tweak roles as necessary for scum team and overall balance.

If you’re interested in playing a game of this nature, let’s discuss it here!

Players (* Card Picks Received)

  1. alisae*
  2. Erika Furudo*
  3. Judge Mental*
  4. Chesskid*
  5. catspurr*
  6. pyx*
  7. GuyInFreezer*
  8. Ellibereth*
  9. smilodon*
  10. ActionDan
  11. chessbaby3*
  12. beeboy*
  13. Srceenplay*


I found a site that has pictures of all the deviant moon tarot cards, and an overview of what each card means in Tarot.

I think this is a better way for you guys to select your cards than for me to take a bunch of group photos of my deck.

https://www.tarot.com/tarot/cards/the-fool/deviant-moon. On the right hand side is a link to every card.

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