Tarot uPick: Dark Moon


Teammates are: catspurr, srceenplay and beeboy

This private thread will be open for your posting pleasure during all phases of the game. It will be made public after the game.

Feel free to share your roles/role pms here. You can specify your Night actions in here via posting them on a separate line and using the bold tags, e.g.,

Kill fferyllt

You can also send your night actions via PM.

You are allowed to submit night actions for other members of your team. The person who owns the night action has final say.

Good luck and have fun!

Hello. Let’s have some fun.

My role pm was creepy. I wasn’t for sure if you were talking to me or talking to “me”.

Hi All

Yeah my role is a bit funny.

One night Ninja, if I do the kill that night I take it to mean.
I don’t think it is an Extra Kill for scum team.

Can I confirm that Please ffery?
My one night ninja ability means that I can’t be investigated when I do the scum kill.
But it is not an Extra Kill?
So we can’t have a scum mate kill someone and I kill someone the same night?

That’s correct, it’s not an extra kill.


Yeah so I have a one night power of being able to do our kill and no one will be able to tell it was me. At least no investigative role.

I also remain in the game as a treestump if I am killed for two days.
Which I take to mean that,

If I am lynched or in some other way killed?
Will my role be revealed at the time I am killed or when The two days of me being a treestump is up?

Your flip will happen when your treestump days are over

Thanks feryllt.

So even being a tree stump is a good power to have because it means town won’t be sure if they have killed scum or not.

Be interesting to see what powers you guys have.

Can I copy paste Role pm in here?

Yes, you can.

Role pm

You are an Reflexive Role-Copier

Your abilities:

Your voice and your vote
If you are targeted by another player during the game, you will receive a 1-shot copy of the ability you are targeted with.
You share a factional kill with srceenplay and catspurr. Each night, you must choose who will make the kill.
You share a factional private thread HERE. You will be able to communicate in the private thread at all times during the game, day or night.

If I target you with my invention “strength “ does it enable you to repeat it the next night?

Or do you become a one shot inventor?

Hi Screenplay?
Do you have a choice on what you invent?

So the game is role madness, meaning every player has a ‘power’.
So, we don’t need Safe Claims?

I assume so. It says I have three cards to pass to whom I want.

Can I roleblock and invent on the same night?

You cannot. You can perform either of those actions and the factional kill on the same night, but only one non-factional action per night.