Tarot uPick: Chesskid3/ellibereth neighborhood

This neighborhood will be active until the start of Day 4, provided you both are alive.

fK u elli u better b town

as in I’m pretty sure u r but u better b

i saw u claimed shit with protect but then this wat im confused

and yeh i think im obvtown given d1


so I’m a loverizer but only a 1 way BP

i.e. I saved Erika
if I get shot/lynched we both die
if he gets shot nobody dies

but then today I got a random neighborizer shot that was not in my role PM. So I’m thinking reward for success or some kinda motivator

also I do not have a hood with erika


wait how you know you were the good save and not gif on me

cuz I got a thing and it seems a lot like a reward for being the save

might be seperate yeah
some inventor or smthing

i want to lynch ali between the two tbh

I mean I asked in thread for someone to claim if they motivated me

would an inventor not do?

anyway I’d like to treat smokey as conftown

that doesnt seem like a bad thing to do

eh we’ll figure that out tmrw because of gladiate

did pyx claim

ali is just vanilla gladiators yeah

i lied we’re lynching pyx

cuz he annoy u?

i lied again go vote no lynch

correct is probably no lynch or ali and ali ain’t happening

pyx is only the trololol i don’t feel like dealing with this right now

which is arguably correct but