Please tag your topics when possible! It helps us stay organized. Some of these tags may be subjective - don’t worry about it too much and just choose what you think applies.

If you think we need a tag that we don’t have yet or should modify any existing tags or just have any tag-related questions/comments just shoot me a message.

Full list of tags: https://forum.mafia451.com/tags

Tag Definitions:

article: For user-written content.
chess: For chess related stuff.
closed-setup: For games where roles are completely or almost completely unknown to players.
competitive: For more competitive/serious games and leagues. Most games here will be assumed casual.
complete: For complete games.
counterpoints: For our counterpoints article series.
friendly: For games that have these play restrictions.
interview: For interview-based articles.
join-anytime: For games where players can jump in and play at any point (e.g. Hangman, Count to a Million)
nonstandard: For games that deviate significantly from normal forum mafia mechanics OR from “The Forge” game mechanics.
open-setup: For games where players know the exact set of roles in game.
plurality: For games where someone with a relative majority dies at deadline when there is no majority. Game hosts may have different variations on how this works. Games on site are otherwise assumed to use a strict majority unless something else is specified.
role-heavy: For games with a lot of non-vanilla roles.
role-lite: For games with mostly vanilla roles.
semi-open-setup: For games where a set of possible roles is known to players, but exact selection is not.
video-mafia: For video mafia related stuff.