Survivor: Borneo Mafia Set Up 5/12

Survivor: Borneo Mafia
Player Count: up to 12
Deadlines: 9x(24+48) (Immunity Challenge + Tribal/Camp)
Max game length estimate: 4 Weeks
Daily time commitment per player : Max 1 post per Immunity Challenge, unlimited posts at camp, Max 1 post & 1 vote at tribal council

Roles and alignment:
6-7 Heroes, 5-6 Villains, 3 multiball alignments - each tribe has it’s own villains team

12 Castaways are marooned on an Island and have to fend for themselves while competing against each other for the title of sole survivor. This game will require players to outplay, outwit and outlast their opponents in order to win it all.

The castaways are divided into two tribes, Tagi and Pagong. Each day, they will participate in an immunity challenge to determine who goes to tribal council where somebody will be voted out of this game. Game threads are not persistent, and tribal council votes are not revealed. When at camp and tribal council, all discussions are kept secret from the opposing tribe.

Once the dust settles and we are down to two, there will be one final tribal council where each castaway will be able to plead their case to the jury made up of the last 7 players voted out before them.

Who will form the better alliances to further their own game? Stay tuned to find out…

Power Roles

Dirk Bean - Hero
USELESS - When participating in immunity challenges, your vote is worth 0.

Joel Klug - Hero
INDIVIDUALISM - When participating in immunity challenges, your vote is worth 2. If you are back at camp after a team victory in the immunity challenge, your tribe is demoralized and your oppoents receive 2 free votes at the next Immunity Challenge, this effect is cummulative for the entire game. The negative effect does not apply for individual immunity.

Gretchen Cordy - Villain
100 TO 0 - Before the merge, you can force anyone to be in an alliance with you. After the merge, your alliance cannot share a voting target when at tribal council, you will be informed if your target is invalid at the time of voting. If this mechanic forces your alliance to be broken, #blindside is activated.

Greg Buis - Villain/Hero
POSSIBLY INCESTUAL - At a random time, after an immunity challenge, Rudy (Hero) will be informed of your allignment. One-Shot: You may validate a player’s claimed role (Hero), You may kill a claimed player (Villain)

Jenna Luis - Hero
INTUITIVE - When someone’s ability takes effect on you, you will be informed.

Gervase Peterson - Villain/Hero
SURVIVAL - Twice per game, you may perform a night kill, even if you are not participating at tribal council, this overrides the result of tribal council. The night kill cannot be against a majority alliance.

Colleen Haskell - Hero
OUTLAST - If you are not in an alliance AND there are at least two other non-allied players, you may not be eliminated at tribal council.

Sean Kenniff - Villain
FAIR - At Tribal Council, you must vote for players in alphabetical order. 1st tribal A, 2nd B, etc…

Susan Hawk - Hero
VENGEFUL - You must viciously insult the two players at final tribal council. If you are blindsided, you may not vote for that person to win at the final tribal council.

Rudy Boesch - Hero
LOYALTY - You may never blindside or be blindsided, alliances are permanent for the duration of the game. At final tribal council, if your alliance member is present, you must vote for them to win.

Kelly Wigglesworth - Villain
BETRAYAL - You may vote against your alliance, if you do, #blindside comes into play, you may not re-ally for the remainder of the game, gain an extra vote during immunity challenges.

Richard Hatch - Villain
PROVIDER - Once you are voted out, you may once perform a starvation kill every other night against a member who voted you out.

Ramona Gray - Hero
SICK - You have no vote during Immunity Challenges until the start of day 3.

Stacey Stillman - Hero
GIRL ALLIANCE - You may only ally with women, you will be informed of all female characters prior to game start. If you successfully form an alliance with all of the women on your tribe, it cannot be broken via #blindside.

B.B. - Hero
UNSANITARY - You receive two votes automatically every time you go to tribal council. (It is only publicly revealed if you are voted out, this rule also applies to the Final Tribal Council which count for the win)

Sonja - Hero
INJURED - You take an injury at the first immunity challenge and are worth -1 for your tribe towards the challenge. Every day you have a 50/50 percent change of recovery, once you recover your immunity challenge restriction is lifted AND one vote against you at tribal council is lifted at each tribal council (this also applies to the Final Tribal Council which count for the win)

Game Terminology

Town, all heroes are of a single faction.

Scum, the villains on opposing tribes are opposing factions. Villains within a tribe have an automatic alliance which cannot be broken until #Blindside is activated.

Group of players who may communicate at camp.

Tribe 1

Tribe 2

Immunity Challenge
Day, tribes are together. Everyone posts and votes for 1 tribe to win immunity, votes are tallied along with any individual player bonuses in order to determine a winning tribe. The tribe who wins the immunity challenge is granted immunity and does not participate in the vote at tribal council.

Each immunity challenge will have it’s own voting order and/or special bonuses based on hidden attributes.

Night, tribes are isolated.

Tribal Council
Night, tribes are isolated. Everyone will receive the same prompt, this prompt must be answered, responses are revealed simultaneously. After the reveal, each player must submit a secret vote. At the end of the tribal council, the final vote count is tallied along with any player bonuses, the final vote count is revealed and the player with the most votes is eliminated from the game.

Individual Immunity
Immunity that affects only one player.

The Merge
When two tribes become one tribe.

Final Tribal Council
Once the game is down to 2 players remaining, everyone who has been voted off the island gets one last chance to determine the winner of Survivor: Borneo Mafia, the player with the most votes in the final tribal council wins it for his faction.

During the Immunity Challenge phase, players may submit alliances to me via private message. If both players agree to an alliance, they may not vote for each other at their next tribal council, they are also able to discuss the game privately up until their next tribal council. Alliances cannot be broken, you may not ally with everyone, there always has to be a vote option available.

This mechanic cannot be used until it is activated, after it has been activated, players may freely blindside alliance members by voting for them at tribal council. Players who have been blindsided may not re-enter an alliance with anyone who voted for them during that tribal council.

You are marooned on an island, if you cannot fend for yourselves, you will die.

P.S. All villains will be given a fake-claim, except for villains that are 50/50

Fuck nobody wants to be on pagong

The roles are not locked to the same tribes as the show.


in, but like most survivors, i refuse to read the rules

Jeff Probst will inform you when it becomes relevant.

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So is this like a weird hybrid of mafia and an org?

What is an org?

Its essentially a game of survivor but forum based. Theres a whole big community of org players and since im explaining this to you im gonna assume this is not an org but just a theme based mafia game



I feel like I want to play this but I need to read the OP.

no you don’t

source: me and probably everyone else who /in’d.

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So I’m actually going to be putting this on hold for now because I don’t think we can really get a good 12 player game right now. I’ll put a smaller game out sometime on the weekend or Monday.