Star Wars U-Pick

This won’t start until after my ongoing ends, and probably decently into cross-code mafia so there’s probably about 2 weeks to go.

With your /in, send an thing/person/something from star wars cannon, or what used to be cannon before the evil house of mouse took over
i.e. legends is cool.

If you aren’t going to enjoy and contribute to star wars memes please don’t join. Unless you’re @Key who has to join.

/suprise me

I feel targeted


Click the blue button


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I’ll decide my character later today

Hello there!


Submitting your choice as Kenobi

I don’t think anyone’s going to know my character.
Ima be super unique!

Will give it until tuesday the 18th

That’s not the High Ground way

Actually maybe on hold for a bit chesskid is going to be a busy boy

Hmm. Marking this thread.

@chesskid3 do you have time for this now?

Depends. Will hopefully have time in 2 days


Sry boys it’s crazy out there

Just as an update for all you lovely people.

I will run this, but in April and I’ll put signups back up. The life of chesskid is quite busy at the moment!