No deadline, will end with hammer.


Rules: Don’t break site rules or common sense, if you are unsure about something, ask me about it from pms.

Please confirm your roles in PMs.

The game has started!
Hammer at 2 votes.

Hard claim VT.


We win either way.

not this again

Dude, it doesn’t matter if you’re scum or super saint. If you’re super saint, scum hammers you, you both die and we win.

VOTE: Andres

It literally doesn’t matter, if that makes you feel better :woman_shrugging:

unless youre wolf.

Also, if you’re town you should be quick hammering with me.

We both know that you are claiming my role here, hence me not voting to die

If I were I wouldn’t be throwing my vote around :woman_shrugging:

VOTE: clem

Ah so you’re just scum. Cool. VOTE: DS

@Andresvmb let’s win this the old fashioned way by killing scum.

next time I would not swap votes like that. It make it obvious you are trying to out supersaint when you vote early and swap

just as like an aside since we’re going to have to rerand as soon as andres logs in

ScumNanook never risks getting ninja’d on the andres swap.

ScumNanook constantly says what ScumNanook wouldnt do which is a scum tell of yours that I want to say Andres may have picked up on by now