No deadline, will end with hammer

if this setup is fun this could maybe be something we run on discord via @Urist 's bot eventually

the bot does run this setup!

no guarantees on it being fun tho

does the bot run anything atm :thinking:

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does it even jog :thinking:


this reminds me there’s an interesting low player count thing I want to try

it can limp… sorta

@GTacc this has the three you need to start

@Ellibereth hook him up with host privs

@GTacc you’ll be seeing a lot more commands, you can ask any host for help but don’t abuse ty :slight_smile:

I know you don’t read rules but the number is right there in the title ffs

was tier 4th?

yeah he was

player list is


@Ellibereth getting the /in list bug here too :ohmy: