Spectator Scumhunting League


  1. Spectate Games
  2. Guess Mafia
  3. ???

  1. /in to spectate (or quietly spectate) a game on site that you’re not playing in.
  2. During Night 1 (or equivalent, e.g. if game is nightless, at some point in Day 2), send a PM to @SSL that has name of the game as the title, with content ranking the living players at the time from most likely to be Mafia to least likely to be Mafia.
    For example:
1. Ellibereth
2. Chesskid
3. Fferyllt
4. Beeboy
5. Keychain

Would have Ellibereth as the player most likely to be mafia, and Keychain the least.

Don’t edit your ordering after submission (typos and stuff are fine).

  1. At the end of the game, spectator lists are revealed and points are assigned based on how “right” they were. We’ll figure a fairish way of scoring this. Gist of it is scumreading mafia is good, heavily townreading mafia is bad.

  2. After some period we take everyone’s average score (probably lower bound of wilson confidence interval) and we should have a winner that gets some sort of recognition.