SoDopeMafia 13: Agoraphobia - SIGNUPS

You all know the deal. Non-Standard roles but no mid game alignment changes and no mod lies. I’ve got a unique game mechanic which I won’t be revealing until the game has started. Other than this it’s gonna be straightforward role madness mafia. Day start. 72 hour phases for day, 24 for night.

This is the 13th major installment in a series of games that have been running off and on since 2008.

Get in while the gettins good.

I’ll take however many that want to participate before I decide to open it.


I’ll sign up if you let me show me these Twelve other installments.

It’s the internet. Find them.

There’s at least one on this site

Could you give me keywords I should use?




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Actually 13 is probably not one of 12 other installments

Okay so we got 13 now, maybe I’ll leave this up for another day or so and then we will get things rollin

Okay I’ll start getting the roles finalized, though I would like 18 since that’s my favorite number. Cmon, three more players

You know what else isn’t 18?

The legal age to buy Cigarettes in the US.


When is this gonna start?

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This will start Tuesday. Roles go out Monday night. I was trying to get it out today, but I have this recurring Sunday story thing I have to put out for my website so that took up a bit more of my time then I thought it would this week.

Anyway, Tuesday at 12pm noon pacific time. Roles will be out sometime tomorrow so be ready to confirm

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Sorry this has been pushed back one day due to quarantine reasons


Can I get uhhhhhhh

Roles are being sent out shortly. Work stuff randomly popped up for me the last two days, everyone will have roles before the game starts lol

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Can one of the admins get a player list for me?

Roles are done and being sent out shortly. May be a slightly delayed opening around 12:15

Clicking the number next to the /in button will give you a list of everyone that has /inned

Thats not really a list. Admins can actually pull the names directly into list form