SoDopeMafia 12: Pick Your Potion

Alright so, the next article in the SoDope Mafia Line is going to be this:

You are seated in a chair in a dark room. You dont remember how you got there. In the room is a table and on the far end of the room is a door. On the table are three crystal glasses, each filled with a different color liquid. Also on the table is a small scroll which reads:

“You may only choose one and it will grant you your powers for the game. Take a sip and step through the door to take your chances”

Yes, I will be sending each of you three unique roles. You will get to pick one. Alignments will already have been randed before role selection. Non-bastard, no alignment changes.

So dope, so in

hit dat join button son


in SoDope tradition…

I will in at 19.

im excited for all 3 of my potential roles to suck

I’m more excited for all of Tier’s to suck

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60 roles is gonna be work lmfao

DS game bby​:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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we are half full if i count sock even though he didnt hit the button

also im not going to hard cap it at 20 but ill basically be getting ready to start the game up when we hit that amount so consider the 20th in as like a countdown clock

also the more people the more roles I have to come up with so if it goes 20+ some of the roles are going to be weird creations probably


you gotta give me the weirdest options possible

of course

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press the /in button!

i think he meant to respond to my thread lmfao

anyways @JohnnyDollar will likely be my co-mod or spirit animal or something

need 7 more for this one, probably still wont start for a bit because i need to come up with 60 fuckin roles