SoDope Throwback Series - Signups

Im gonna rerun a couple games here since I already have a bunch of setups made just sitting in my google drive that like alot of people havent participated in yet and so it takes literally no preparation for me which seems like a brilliant idea!

So since these are setups that i have already run i am literally slotting different names into the role - (all the roles are gonna be exactly the same so i dont have to modify anything at all and it will only start if we have the exact number for which ever game we end up starting first)

Here are the games and the number I need to start each one:

SoDope Mafia = 14 players
SDM2: Seditious Reconstruction = 29 players
SDM3 Color Gang Mafia = 17 players
SDM4: Night Shade Mafia = 15 players
SDM5: The Return of Color Gang Warfare = 15 players
SDM6 - The Sky is Fallling = 12 players
SDM7: Race to the End of the World = 28 players
SDM8: The SoDope 8 = 8 players
SDM9: Reign of the GooMaster = 25 players
SDMX: The Dreaming God = 18 players

Heres a random lore buildup to SDM7 back when I did flavor:


SoDopeMafia 7 : Race to the End of the World

Welcome everyone to the twisted landscape of the SoDope Mafia Universe.

For those of you who have never participated in my world before… I am the micheviously malevolent, outrageously decadent, superbly elegant being who you may call your excellence. Otherwise known to the in game world as the Mod God - Darren Sanders.

Never played one of my games before? Oh, poor thing. You’re in for a mindfuck. Let me describe the setting for you.

trumpets blare

At the onset of the 21st Century, the nation-state formerly known as the United States of America began to conquer the northern hemisphere. American Commonwealth scientist Joan De’Angelo found a breakthrough in the form of sustainable nuclear fusion, and with this seemingly endless energy resource in the hands of the most powerful country in the world, an American technological renaissance began.

In a city such as San Francisco, (now known as Yerba Buena), one of the tech capitals of the world, this change was felt abruptly. The classes divided themselves into the haves and have nots, and when the poor finally became so fed up with their oppressive overlords that they just couldnt stand it anymore, a revolutionary man named Kane Remaro nuked the wealthiest part of the city to disrupt the status quo. He was killed in the revolt that followed, but his impact would forever be known. The city was once more thrown into chaos.

Previously on SoDopeMafia:

The town is ravaged by a SK duo made up of an Arsonist and Poisoner. They find themselves alone at the end of their journey faced with the choice of murdering each other, or banding together to make a decision about their future. They chose to stick together, and ended up murdering the Moderator Darren Sanders, ending their complete and total conquest of the city of Yerba Buena. However, Darren Sanders drifted into another plane of existence all together. He was deified by the people and ingrained in their consciousness forever.

SoDopeMafia 2 - Seditious Reconstruction:
A high level aristocrat and notorious slumlord of a territory of Yerba Buena, is murdered in a violent terrorist attack which blows up City Hall. The proles revolt and gather behind a Radical Extremist named Kane Remaro, who proceeds to detonate a nuclear device over the wealthiest neighborhoods of the city, destroying the status quo and setting the city into chaos.

SoDopeMafia 3 - Color Gang Mafia:
After the destruction of the city by Kane Remaro, Yerba Buena fell into despair and gang warfare. The rise of numerous gangs, identified only by the colors they were clad in, dominated the city. The Gold Team, White Team, and Green Team were all systematically destroyed by the Black Squad. Having wiped out all competitors to their glory, the Black Squad reigned over an era of relative calm.

SoDopeMafia 4 - NightShade Mafia:
With the Black Squad having begun their rule, all threats to their reign were annihilated. One party found a way around this. Using illegal technology, the NighShade faction dropped the town into nearly unending night. During this time, the people met to bring the city back into the light. All discussions, lynches, and actions happened during the night phase, before the day could come around. Eventually, the freaks that proliferated the night destroyed the NightShade faction, bring daylight back to the city. However, with a return to normalcy, this meant that the Black Squad reigned over the people once more.

SoDopeMafia 5 - The Return of Color Gang Warfare:
The Black Squad were gone. No one knew where for sure. Rumors of them flying to Fiji, spending their lavish stashes of gold on beautifully tanned island women pervaded, though none could be certain of the truth to these rumors. What was certain was that the absence of the Black Squad created a power vacuum, which numerous gangs rushed to fill. The Green Team returned, and faced threats from the newly formed Coral Team, Pink Team, and Sky Blue Team. While each of these gangs fought in between eachother, killing off the members of each, they failed to realize a plot of an underground mafia made up of members from each team. The Mafia killed them off one by one, and took over the city.

SoDopeMafia 6 - The Sky is Fallling
After the Uber fail that was the towns loss during the second great color gang war, the evil mafia actually turned out to be pretty nice guys and the city prospered. They reinvested in architecture and public works and gave back to the community and children went to properly funded schools and actually felt safe enough to play- until a massive meteor fell out of the sky and landed directly on the school. The people gathered around the meteor crash site, when they noticed something strange happening… Old Man Johnson’s dog started walking around on his hind legs. Other animals began talking. Televisions on during the crash landing of the meteor saw their characters walk right out of the screen and into the real world. Just as people began to lose their shit and start freaking the fuck out, all their attention was drawn once more to the meteor…and it opened.

From the smoke walked a man. The man was nearly 8 feet tall and made of hardened black obsidian. Over the next few days, the meteor man released a spore which infected numerous townspeople, converting them to his alien faction, however, the true threat to town emerged as Maxwell Connor and his genie Kazaam. Kazaam granted Max his wish for Almighty Power, making him into the Legendary Super Saiyan Broly, who not only helped the town vanquish the meteor man, but one by one murdered each and every living being leaving only craters behind as evidence.

These are definitely Role Madness, and some have recruiting and bastard role elements /shrug

Just make sure you don’t Mod from Mobile!

Never again, I’m going into the “flip when I get home” category of mods

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I would really love to start it off with Color Gang Mafia because that is like one of, if not the most classic So Dope - but I doubt we can pull 17 on this site

need two more for the So Dope 8

Here are some feedback quotes from various so dopes that ive run over the years

I would not expect me to take the game seriously.

solid wifom there

So we have enough for SDM8 rn - we need 5 more to run SDM6 (13 total), 7 more to run SDM4 & SDM5 (15 total)

we will give it a few more days and see where it lands

I’d be in, but I played in all of them so idk if that ruins it

Outting for now cuz I’m so busy

Counterpoint: we can yell at each other about merpeople

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@Mittens it doesnt really, none of them have any crazy twists

ok count me in

Okay so we are over SDM8 so now we need either 13 or 15 to start

You can run 8 without me and I’ll jump in the next round. Probably shouldn’t start a game I have to pay much attention to right now anyways tbh.

Nah we are ten now so we will run with either 13 or 15 depending on what happens over the weekend

oh um @DSHost

actually all the dshost people are in here lmfao - ay go follow my host ping