Sky's Jester Nightless [Full!]

Jester Nightless is an open set-up from MS based around a jester. There will be no strict deadlines but I expect this to be a fairly short, fun and fast-paced game. The flavor will be silly and themed around magicians and their secrets.

Setup Information
5 Vanilla Townies
2 Mafia Goons
1 Jester

This game is nightless.
Mafia has daytalk.
The jester will suicide and lose at the start of Day 4.
A jester lynch ends the game.

  1. Urist
  2. Mantis
  3. ErikaFurudo
  4. Nanook
  5. the_worst
  6. NotMafia
  7. Not_Jester
  8. Andresvmb
  9. Ellibereth




I probably shouldn’t, but I can’t resist the Gob hook. /in

In if @NotMafia is

no pressure


sick just three more

Are yall chill with hydras

I could live with a single 2-person hydra


may it be noted that I have /in’d to play an obscene meme setup but I take extreme exception to two-headed hydras

/in hydra

I genuinely hate hydras unless it’s an all hydra game, but whatever.

I guess you’ll just have to lynch us then

all hydra games are worse than a couple. Idgaf, willing to hydra if not mafia is down to rand jester with me :]



That’s 9! Thread and roles will go out tonight