Sizing on Tablet

Have you run into issues on your phone or just on your tablet?

[Re-Sign-Ups] SFM1 - Puella Magi Forum★Mafia - can someone with a tablet see if they can repro this?

Just my iPad Air 2 on safari

In addition I only can scroll over sideways to see the post number while I’m at the bottom of the thread. While I look at posts, I can’t see the post number.

How’s the experience at

As soon as I click on a thread, the mobile view goes away

I can reproduce without a tablet using developer tools on chrome.

I think @Invisibility had a similar problem on desktop. Is there a way you can zoom out on the iPad @bepwei?

No. At least not intuitive to me. It just opens the tabs I have open. (None at the moment)

Ok, do you have any other browsers available than safari? Do you get the same problem?

I get the same thing on chrome

@bepwei I made a theme called Temp Tablet Dark that you should be able to see in the theme menu. It’s a temporary solution but I think it may solve your problem? Let me know. Long term I have to figure out what’s making the default themes not reactive enough and when we fix that you can switch back.

This has fixed the issue. Thanks for you your time!

@Invisibility this might be a quick fix for that error you were running into too

Tablets are so 2010s

aren’t the in things now laptops that transform into tablets and back

Ya they’re hot

I like older laptops because they look like lunch boxes.


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I don’t have a choice if I want to play during classes.

high schools have really changed