Site Themes

I uploaded a couple themes from Discourse’s forum - they’re totally untested here, stuff may be bugged, the logo will be the wrong color, and features that are available in our main supported themes (Light and Dark) may be missing. You can find them in the Hamburger menu.

Let me know if you like any particular design or ideas in them. (Don’t focus on color, more on presentation and where stuff is).

Both are gross

oh, dont focus on color

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yeah color is adjustable. We just need to find someone with color sense tt.

Im not really seeing anything too different layout wise - is there something obvious Im missing?

I guess the buttons on the posts are bigger on material theme

dark theme still goat

also the posts being split apart.

I kind of like the discord classic homepage design, but the posts for both are super far apart apart which makes reading more scrolling intensive on mobile. I like the look though.

Are the themes even available to select on mobile?

Yeah they are - click the little hamburger menu in the upper right next to your profile picture, and then click the theme you want from the list.

Ah, i was originally going to settings->interface and doing it there

No gray amber?

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i like classic

oh no stuff you’ve read doesn’t go gray can somebody fix that or something

can we get a dark version of the material design theme?

Stuff can be fixed on everything, most of the custom stuff we have on light/dark isn’t on them.

on which theme