Simple Closed Setup (9 players, full)

Title is self explanatory. :slight_smile:
May or may not come with some basic flavor.
Number of players TBD (at least 9).

Inb4 secret parity cop


we joked about this
I don’t think she’ll be THAT lazy.
that’s my department.


Party cop

Party party

What are the roles?

closed, no concrete set.

WhAt ArE tHe RoLeS

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It’s a secret

But what are they?

When does this start?

We’ll make it 9 players, so one more and I’ll organise starting things :slight_smile:

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Will this contain bastard elements?

It should pretty much be what it says on the tin, a simple closed game, so no. What do you consider bastard elements?

cults, mid-game alignment changes, moderator lies that cannot be reasonably anticipated (for example, Godfather, Tailor, Miller, Ninja, and mechanics like that are generally fine. Telling someone they are a reflexive doctor when they’re actually a PGO is not), secret win conditions, un-divulged non-randomness in player role/alignment generation, direct moderator influence during the game

For future reference I’m fairly sure we’re going to define closed godfather et al as at least 2nd or 3rd order bastard elements going forward and likely won’t be defining undivulged nonrandomness as bastard at all.

Undivulged non-randomness shouldn’t be bastard imo. RNG is overrated tbh.

yeah ranked/tournaments/competitive events are guaranteed random but it’s certainly not a hard requirement for custom user hosted games.

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Looks like 9 wheeeeeeeeeee

The question was because I wanted to know what bastard elements Jake thought might be showing up, not because I wanted Seth’s copy pasted definition of what someone else thinks bastard means :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s it for signups, I’ll start the game tonight or tomorrow (Taiwan timezone). You guys timed it perfectly for the start of my time off, I appreciate it