[Signups] Hidden Witness Mafia (CLOSED)

General Information:

Player Amount: 7
Day Length: 3 Days Period
Night Length: 1 Day Period
Execute Type: Majority


The game starts in the Day phase.
One town player knows who the mafia are. This is the witness.
If all mafia are executed, they still have one more chance to win by guessing who the witness is exactly. If the mafia guess correctly, they win.
The mafia do have a nightkill, but do not win by killing the witness. They can guess dead players as being the witness.
All town flips will flip as TOWN, without denoting what role they were.


1 Witness
4 Vanilla Town
2 Mafia Goon

Sample Role PMs:

Vanilla Town
Mafia Goon

I’m waiting for Ellibereth to join, so I can rigorously randomly give them the Witness role, and watch in amusement as the mafia fails to guess who the witness is correctly.

I would like to make a note that if elli decides to join, I will still randomly and fairly distribute roles.

Elli is washed up

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@Players come play this game. We only need 3 more!

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If I’m the witness, I’m going to call out the mafia team in my first post.


What a spectacle that will be to witness!

@Urist care to join?

Won’t have time for games for the next few weeks sorry

That is fine, darling.


@Duskfall98 and @M2H, would either of you care to partake in this game?

Oh I actually like the avalon merlin mechanic, I’ll join once my schedule clears up some time this week. :slight_smile:

Eyy, it’s Ellibototh

Hello Sir or Madam @Menalque. You are our 7th arrival to witness the mundane Jake and his inability to comprehend hosting 101.

Signups are now closed. Our playerlist is as follows:


If you’d like to spectate, and are not playing, shoot me a PM. The game should be ready in an hour or two.