signups for a mostly normal game

This game will be mostly normal. At least half of the players will be VT, no alignments other than town and one mafia group, etc.

The only difference is that actions will be submitted during the day and will resolve simultaneously with the lynch. This is otherwise known as a ‘Deep South’ setup.

Days will be 48 hours long (no night phases). I’ll start the game with between 9 and 13 people.

I’ll end signups Sunday night or whenever we get a 9th, whichever comes last.

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wow andres, shots fired

not my fault nobody wants to play my game.
or is it? :thinking:

Josh just scared he will lose in such a small game

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Hey we’re at 8 again! 1 more pls


Stealing players

Made it so you can’t ping that anymore.


:grimacing: is that special admin powers

Am I a bad admin?

yes don’t do that

Ur a bad admin too for letting me be an admin


Hey chesskid why dont you make me a mod here

I think elli changed it trust levels seem locked at 1 now

Why do people love to ruin all my fun?

Somebody ping me when this fills thx