Signpost Mafia [Day 7]


  1. Ellibereth
  2. _fferyllt
  3. Katsuki
  4. NotMafia
  5. Mental Metal Sonic
  6. chesskid3
  7. beeboy
  8. ActionDan brassherald
  9. Erika Furudo


  • NotMafia
  • Mental
  • ActionDan
  • Erika Furudo


  • Beeboy, Town 2-Shot Cop, killed Night 1.
  • chesskid3, Vanilla Townie, lynched Day 2.
  • Katsuki, Vanilla Townie, killed Night 2.
  • Ellibereth, Mafia Goon, lynched Day 3.
  • _fferyllt, Vanilla Townie, killed Night 3.

7 day day phases, 24 hour night phases

Signpost Rules

  • Each player may only make a single post for the entire game. You may edit this post freely to communicate with other players.

  • All voting rules are standard. If there are multiple votes present in your post, I will count the one that is closest to the bottom of your post, for my own convenience.

  • Do not edit your post during night phases or after your death.

  • At any time where you could normally talk (i.e. while you are alive and during the day), you may make a post that consists of nothing but a dash ("-") in order to bump the thread. Do not edit this post.

  • 9 players

  • 2 Mafia

  • 7 Town

  • Otherwise, closed setup.

General Rules

  • All of my rules should be relatively standard - don’t copy paste any private communication, don’t use encryption, etc. If you’re ever unsure of anything, just ask me first.

Here is a sample Vanilla Townie role PM, one of which is confirmed to exist in this game:

Role PM

Welcome, [PLAYERNAME]!

You are a Vanilla Townie.

You have no special abilities. Your vote is your weapon.

You win when all threats to the town are eliminated.

The game thread is here: Signpost Mafia

Please confirm by responding with your role name and alignment.

With 8 confirmations, Day 1 begins.

Rolling Votecount
6.0 as of June 28, 2018 10:05 AM (Europe: Paris), June 28, 2018 1:05 AM (America: Los Angeles)

Not Voting (4): Mental, Erika Furudo, NotMafia, ActionDan

With 4 alive, it takes 3 to lynch.

The Day 6 deadline is July 5, 2018 10:05 AM (Europe: Paris), July 5, 2018 1:05 AM (America: Los Angeles)


@cupcake: new one for you… this one is probably way beyond your capabilities though. it’s pretty hard tbh

----o-e----- --e---i--

Incorrect guesses: A, L, R

… just realised i had one blank too many in the first part! whoops

cupcake deaded

some misc thoughts

i’m just going to spew some thoughts i have about the players in this game…

i’m not a huge fan of chesskid’s content so far. actually, i initially voted MS with chesskid because i had a bad gut-level reaction to how chesskid opened this game and i wanted to see where he was going with the MS vote and how he’d react to me voting with him and what he’d do if the MS wagon took off. i didn’t really like how chesskid reacted to the vote from MS - the “omgus” line is just bad (that hasn’t even been a tell in 10 years anyway) but i can’t tell if he said that in jest or if he was being serious about it. i also can’t tell if he’s being serious about the elli town read, but if he is, then bad, chesskid. bad. i thought possibly he unvoted MS because he was getting cold feet about bussing. now i’m just thinking he was just feigning cold feet in an attempt to seem like a reasonable person (as if anyone would fall for that). didn’t really like the reaction to people scum-reading elli either but eh, this isn’t a big deal

actually, part of the reason i was initially leaning town on erika furudo is because i thought the reasonless chesskid vote seemed town. i thought maybe someone else was spotting the same things i was seeing in chesskid’s play and was trying to get a feel for him in a different way than i was doing. i was going to lead into this if chesskid ever gave me an answer to the question i asked (“do you want to try to guess why i think erika might be town?”) but that never happened. sadface. i’m ok with erika’s recent content, too

i do think elli’s initial content was bad. it was a whole lot of trying to seem helpful without any actual game-related content. since then he’s just been sitting on a vote on me and not really engaging anyone (i’m not really counting that notmafia prod as engaging). the read on cupcake isn’t so interesting to me because i think he’s going to say it’s based on how i’m interacting with cupcake. overall, i’m waiting for him to do something actually town if he’s town

i think the general tone of wizard’s play has seemed townish so far. it’s not as strong a read as i’d like it to be, though. i’m not sure scum plays as unreserved as he’s been playing this game (more than willing to L-1 both cupcake and MS while calling out a very specific two-player team)

i thought beeboy’s playfulness seemed townish. even though i’m fairly sure he was joking (or at least half-joking), i think the point about elli’s busy-work is a good one. kind of waiting on him to do more. he is better at hangman than cupcake and that seems like an undeniably town trait

MS is writing a lot less stuff than i’m used to. haven’t really liked anything he’s written so far. not sure that makes him scum. the sheeping elli thing i feel might be townish but i’m not going to bet on this. it probably means he’s not scum with elli, at least

notmafia is nothere

cupcake is worse than muffins. and bad at hangman. should be vig-killed

too many people are either not posting or posting minimal content

i think i want to lynch chesskid or elli atm. i’ll probably sleep on this and come back to it tomorrow

ok. why? and what do you think about his sheep elli stuff?

and what’s your actual read on elli?

as an aside, if i had to guess, i’d say not_mafia is town here. or if he’s scum, he simply doesn’t give enough of a shit about the game to care that he looks bad

i’d say the same applies for cupcake but he chose a pretty scummy hangman phrase so i think he might be scum

the sum total of elli’s play so far is posting a bunch of iioa, calling me scum then calling not_mafia scum, but he’s voting not_mafia (the guy who’s posting virtually zero content outside of a couple votes). so he’s voting a nothing slot for being a nothing slot (and apparently it’s because he sees some interaction with me that points to not_mafia but that’s ENTIRELY DEPENDENT ON ME BEING SCUM)

it’s possible not_mafia is scum, sure. just as it’s possible any slot that has produced virtually zero content is scum. but i don’t see how anyone can have town read on elli for what he’s done in this game

i’ve been thinking about it and i decided there’s a non-zero chance elli is bussing here. i can’t make sense of why he’d be so sure i’m scum that he’s willing to bet that i’m scum to lynch someone by association (granted, not_mafia’s content isn’t exactly a paragon of town play either so he could be scum anyway, but elli’s lynching him BY ASSOCIATION WITH ME)

i think the more sensible scenario here is he’s scum and is worried about his image if he doesn’t hit scum here so he’s not willing to go all out on me yet. instead, he might be using not_mafia as a way to look town (“hey guys, i found scum, keep following me”) before coming after me for whatever association he’s going to suggest exists. and i expect if i’m right, he’s probably going to use this part of my post against me on D2 but i don’t actually mind that because if i’m right, that will just make this game that much easier

also if we lynch not_mafia today and he does flip scum, i think any investigative/blocking/whatever roles that exist should pick one of me or elli to target for this very reason

going to think about where i actually want to vote while i work today


i was busy on wednesday, in and out of meetings planning a business trip i had to do on thursday, and i forgot about the deadline here

the deadline fell at 2:30PM my time, so i was planning to come back to this game after lunch and vote wherever necessary if a lynch hadn’t already been achieved. got sidetracked with a planning meeting at about 1:15PM, got out of it a bit before 2 but had completely forgotten about the deadline here. got stuck doing something else, had another meeting, then about 3:30-4PM i came on m451 and saw the thread closed

sucks, but it is what it is. i feel pretty pessimistic about town’s win chances here so i’m not particularly interested in investing much more effort into this game, especially when only one or two others care enough to put the effort in to make themselves readable

so i’m just going to decide who i want to vote today and if i’m right, yay. if not, whatever

i think i still like my elli+not_mafia theory

Vote: Ellibereth

@ActionDan could you please vote ellibereth? i have a theory that he is loved and want to test that

real question: do you think anything elli has said today is genuine?

side question: is the logic elli is currently using something he normally does? e.g. does he usually scrap reads purely because he didn’t die? does he usually do weak VCA with no context?


that would mean it’s not optimal… given that it causes you to completely scrap your initial reads and call them town

uh-huh. and what metrics did you use in this particular game to determine that your “being here” meant you’d gone wrong on not_mafia?

because the way i see it, anyone but me who’s scum with not_mafia wouldn’t give a flying fuck about your suspicion of him. they’d probably consider him dead weight who’s not going to be around long anyway so why would they care that you’re pushing him? you push him again, get him lynched, and it’s no big deal anyway because you only suspected him based on some link your saw to me

i have trouble believing you didn’t think this through when you were ‘reassessing’ the game state. which is why when i look at that and your weak VCA and your chesskid vote, i don’t see anything you’re doing as genuine

no, but you’re missing the point if you think your accuracy matters to what i was saying. again, assuming scum would have killed you if you were right about dead weight and wrong about the other scum is a silly assumption and not a conclusion i believe you genuinely came to

your entire basis for scum-reading not_mafia on D1 was by connection to me. you said this yourself. what scum team involving not_mafia would have feared you, apart from one that involves me being scum?

answer this question or tell me you at least thought about it and arrived at different logic than what i’m assuming, and i’ll consider the possibility you actually put genuine thought into this

like, ok, i believe that if you’re town, you might assume you made an error somewhere (even though this is FAR from the sole reason you might still be alive; e.g. if you’re so accurate at finding scum, then scum might fear a doc on you and not bother wasting a kill). what i don’t believe is that you’d automatically assume the error is definitely not_mafia

oh, and this is just ONE part of my issue with you. it’s far from the only thing i think you’ve done today that isn’t coming from a town mindset. the half-assed VCA is another thing i’m having trouble swallowing (the mod made a mistake, btw; metal sonic never self-voted, it was actually not_mafia on metal sonic when he reached L-1 the second time) because without any context as to how the wagons built up, you’re making assertions based on nothing (which is why i was interested in seeing whether anyone had any experience with you doing something similar, because it baffles me that you both think that is a good point BUT you still haven’t drawn a strong conclusion from it with regards to chess and/or his partner)

your reasoning for pushing not_mafia D1 was questionable. the amount of not-actually-hunting-scum from you this game is questionable. there’s a distinct lack of thought processes from you that i’d expect from a town player. all of these things combined make me think the way you’ve approached this game in general, but especially today, are not coming from a town mindset

and it’s not exactly helping your case that you’re focusing on entirely the wrong point i was making with regards to how you’ve ‘reassessed’ today

you literally said this:

“thing” implies a connection. not_mafia had posted shit all at the time (a vote on “nelly furtado” folowed by one on metal sonic) so i don’t see how it’s a big leap from me to assume you were voting him because of something i said about him, especially after you called it a “thing”

fine. why did you think not_mafia was scum at the time you voted him and said that? and why was chesskid being blind for not seeing me and not_mafia as a team?

this isn’t true. non-me scum doesn’t fear you being right about someone who they might not have high hopes for anyway. they’d fear you if you were right about them, maybe. but if they think you’re on the wrong track, what do they have to fear?

the worst that could happen from leaving you alive is that you change your mind about who’s scum with not_mafia, but with no guarantee that you’ll actually hit the right person. the best case scenario is what you’re doing today

this is why i don’t think you’ve put real thought into this. you’re ignoring the possibility that scum just didn’t care about your not_mafia read. i’m literally telling you this now: if i were scum with not_mafia and you called, say, him and chesskid scum yesterday but you were pushing not_mafia harder, i’d bus the ever-living shit out of not_mafia and leave you alive to help me do it while you call someone else scum with him - or i’d leave you alive to mind-game you about not_mafia. in either scenario, it’s win-win for me

plus you ignored other factors that might have affected the night kill, like avoiding a doc protect (legitimate reason) or picking up a tell on beeboy (in retrospect, the cop thing is kind of obvious). i’d kill an actual cop over someone who’s right about my dead weight partner any day of the week

i don’t think the questions i asked you were unreasonable. i wanted to see evidence that you’d at least put some sort of thought into other possible reasons you were alive. i didn’t see it. you’re only now saying that it’s based on this particular mix of players. i would have accepted that as an answer in the first place (and it might have swayed me if you’d opened with this but it was like drawing fucking blood from a stone to get it out of you)

one (maybe final) question:

i assume you and chesskid are familiar enough with each other that he’d be worried about you catching him if he left you alive, right? why does he not worry that you reassess after a beeboy nightkill? and why does he kill beeboy specifically?

you know, if you were town, i wouldn’t even have that much issue with voting chesskid. the second hangman puzzle i gave cupcake yesterday was literally:

[b]Vote:[/b] chesskid3

even though i’m now realising i should have put the [/b] after the name…

i might go to sleep now and wake up closer to the deadline to see what’s happening and whether i feel like doing anything different. deadline falls roughly 3:30am my time and it’s 6:30ish pm now so i’ll prob nap until like midnight or thereabouts i guess

ok, no one updated with anything interesting so back to sleep for a couple hours. be around an hourish before the deadline maybe. looking forward to another no lynch

i could vote chesskid now i guess… but i think i’d prefer no lynch to bring it back to odds

actually FUCK IT



either a very bad move or a very good move but it’s 3:30am and i’m in that just-woke-up-from-my-stupid-alarm stupor so this seems like a great idea right now

editing out clutter in case i die
prev D3 stuff

i would say i regret lynching chesskid, but actually that’s just one more thing to cross off my mafia bucket list

i agree with this

and i planned to come into this day phase never moving my vote off elli

though i don’t really care if we no lynch today either


btw, if we’re lynching, we should mass-claim today. if we no lynch, mass claim tomorrow

i doubt i’m moving my vote today except to no lynch

i don’t really see a scum team that makes sense that isn’t elli-AD so

i’m really not at all concerned with the possibility of a quick hammer or anything like that

for the sake of completeness, get what you want to say today out of the way


but like

i think it’s just elli-AD

i’d prefer just ending this sooner rather than later…

elli clearly isn’t town and i’m not particularly interested in waiting around to hear from AD. elli isn’t scum with MS (replace out just reinforces this), elli probably isn’t scum with not_mafia (yes, i know i had a theory about this at some point but all elli’s D2 posts about not_mafia pretty much point to him being town) and kaede is probably town, so… i’m ready for this game to just be over one way or another

Vote: Ellibereth


so far AD hasn’t posted today
elli hasn’t given a shit
your predecessor said nothing
not_mafia is being regular not_mafia
and neither erika or i have claimed

but with the cop dead and nobody so far claiming anything super-important, i’m guessing there isn’t anything relevant to claim. at most we have a limited protective role and possibly some other weakish role that has no real results to speak of, so i’m not too worried about whether we do or don’t mass claim atm

at this point, i’m assuming elli has given up and is just trying to minimise the information he gives to town

basically if you want a quick run-down of how the game has played out so far:


D1 ended up with a couple major wagons on not_mafia and metal sonic (metal sonic got put to L-1 twice, with chesskid, brassherald-now-AD and cupcake being the players on it both times - i was on it once, not_mafia was on it once). not_mafia was L-1 at the end of the day (wagon was elli, cupcake, metal sonic and brassherald-now-AD) but didn’t end up getting hammered (i forgot about the game, chesskid forgot about the game and the other two players weren’t around IIRC)

D2 saw elli at L-1 for a vast majority of the day but erika and AD wanted to vote chesskid over elli and metal sonic was sheeping elli (who was voting chesskid). chesskid was pretty inactive for most of the day and i had a conversation with elli at the end of the day where i decided fuck it, there aren’t enough votes to lynch elli so may as well take a shot at chesskid and go from there. i hammered chesskid

D3 so far has been relatively sparse except for erika posting a bit of stuff and me posting a bit of stuff. elli basically pretended he was going to analyse things but never did anything. AD has disappeared. your predecessor gave up


so elli just hammered himself technically (and i’m not sure if unvoting now would be against the rules - there’s no clear rule on how hammers work in this - and if unvoting works, then yay he’s still at L-1 and 100% being lynched today but i would prefer this day doesn’t end with AD being allowed to not post a single time)

but this makes me think it’s possible he’s not scum with AD (though he would be my first guess without looking into any interactions in any depth)

still, AD should be grilled tomorrow if the day ends now and i actually think no lynch might be a good thing tomorrow as well. as well as 100% mass claiming first thing

it’s probably less likely than AD-elli but erika has been pretty averse to voting elli all game so that’s actually a possibility i’m a bit paranoid about

i think it’s pretty unlikely that metal sonic was playing the way he was playing as scum

not_mafia is a possibility but i think the way elli approached him D2 kinda points to him being town - go back through his edit history and have a look at that

i think there’s a decent chance i die tonight

So I wasnt realy around at deadline and I’m sorry :frowning:

I want to lynch in like

NM Elli Erika Kats


Beeboy died elli must go he is scum listen to me

Follow chesskid onward to victory


Dan resistance to lynching scum is noted

O shit I’m scared now

guys I’m sticking with this vote, can’t recall which type of game mechanic it is for lynch, so it this lynch goes ahead with my one vote it’s because I’m out of patience with not having all the info available :shrug:

VOTE: Erika

@NotMafia: please post if you can!

@ErikaFurudo: please help me out! I am vanilla town. I am not clear on others’ claims and I’m really not clear on whether NM can post here and if so if that’s been the case the whole game. Editing posts and removing stuff is not good for replace-ins.

@ActionDan: I took Erika to be town and I thought everyone considered NM town, so I guess not entirely taking a town read off a town read but significantly so, which is pretty lame. That you’re not voting me given you think Erika is town based on game setup gives me pause about NM. Thing is, I’m still not clear on what everyone’s role claim is, exactly, so I’m not clearing Erika. Now I have NM as neutral.

I’m happy to be in this game but I can’t get a handle on it and I really don’t have the patience to keep sitting this stalemate out. so, I’m voting Erika so that if they are town they might like to bring me up to speed. I take it NM can’t post here? if they really can’t, that’s a weird mafia-handicapping role.

thanks, AD, that was useful to know you’re calling Erika townish for role-related reasons… are you on the fence re NotMafia? otherwise surely you’d vote me. I felt that NotMafia’s “kill me pls” in the neighbourhood was townie but I already was taking them as town seeing as Erika is considering them lock-in town. if I’m being too accepting of Erika’s assessment pls let me know

Erika do you mean elaborate on my saying you had two awkward hood posts? I meant the one about scum buddy and the following one. I just assumed you were joking 'cos too ballsy to post that as scum but…we are sitting in a stand off situation so mafia is clearly ballsy.

I really am finding this no voting plus no NK’ing tiresome. It has to be that the last mafia is reluctant to take a stand on a townie for lynch and is hoping that a townie voting will either draw the lynch onto the voter themself or mislynch. I don’t have the patience to wait another day tbf so Erika, NotMafia, please speak up!

never seen this in a game before. it looks to me that the mafia strategy at this point is to grind the game to a halt until town don’t care who they lynch.

Erika did two hella awkward posts in the neighbourhood thread before I joined it. They did not bother to do anything at all day 5 / night 5. I’m thinking my vote is best placed there.

Actiondan, help me make my mind up pls

notmafia tell me who the mafia is

Malcom in the Middle

VOTE: Beebuddy

2/3 edits for lol discorse formatting

What do people other than Bee think of Elli ruining the gimmick with his bumps?

Vote: Chesskid

I disagree with @brassherald I highly doubt it’s that easy nor think those players are that scummy

@Ellibereth y you delete your helpful shit?

Town: ffery
sus enough: Chess, HearthstoneMAN3

@Signpost do you think scum has bumped the thread yet?

@brassherald your scumteam is BOTH players who cropped their signposts. Do you think it’s really that basic?

I don’t think Katsuki or I are going to vote Not_Mafia

Town: ff, ms

BeeBestie vote and I might hire a priest to unsus ya.

@brassherald have you read beeboy’s signpost?
@brassherald He seems to have a good method of keeping his signpost clean. post edit: lol I can’t spoiler on this dumbass bullshit.

vote: Katsuki


In any event, I’m townreading Elli, MS, and ffery.

Elli and Kats have the worst vote slots on nm. I think elli is town so lynch kats.

It feels kinda dumb to lynch nm when we have people who play more avoiding the thrsad like the p sus man himself.
vote:ms idk if it rands lol

I didn’t know we needed to maj
Vote: Metal Sonic

vote: Chesskid let’s dunk this @ActionDan

^Look at Jinx geeking

Guys I think Action Dan is scum. I think it is dan and Elli. INTENT TO VOTE ELLI BECAUSE BOTH KILLS WERE ON SUS ELLI SUSPECTORS, and elli has not convinced my halfass in this game.

This is a trash read and had nothing to do with why I wanted to vote Chess. He’s over justifying to sheep his town read in lynching town. It smells.


See the contrast between Metal and Action Dan here.

However I am prone to error, and as such we should lynch Elli since the night kills point to him.

We’re lynching the counter wagon, ez.

@ActionDan Eli does the reads based on his living as scum. I don’t remember him doing it as town, not that I doubt he does. I don’t like you making that point though since it is nai at best.


dan is shook
VOTE: Action Dan

We’re going to need all 4 townies to lynch scum, so we should probably wait for the replacement…

Mass Claim? I’m p sure the last scum is @ActionDan . I neighborized Action Dan n1. That is my claim. The hood is only active at night, and plays like regular mafia. I’m the only one who posted in it.

Dan why did you white knight me here right after I hood you, but thwn not speak with me in hood?
“Katsuki, Erika is off the table. It is known” -action dan after kats votes me d2.

judge better not fuck this game up :mulch:

Is action dan ok?

Why aren’t you no lynching @Mental ?

Elli p much cleared nm unless he was hard bussing all of d1. Just an fyi @Mental

NM is damn near lock clear imo. Please don’t lynch him tomorrow. Read up on my post to see how action dan is the scum and how Elli chose to hard push NM because of a ‘connection’ with fferry. FFery said that ms couldn’t be scum with elli and then died, which was giving me pause about sussing judge. He could have missed that though since he replaced in late. Who knows, gl boyos.

I was under the impression that NL was hammered.

Yeah Mafia neighborizor that can’t speak during the day is basically the equivalent of a cop. I’ll no lynch all game here. We have signposts for a reason VOTE: no lynch

@Mental we can all reads the hood posts. Elaborate for me.

Continues to…

Vote: No lynch

@Mental Well I still think Erika is town for role related reasons (although it’s not completely impossible depending on what NSG’s base value of a single 2-shot cop is in 9-player and what value one might give to claim candy). Anyway I’ve said that before and I’m not sure what kind of help you were expecting, unless you were like, asking me to post in a way that might make you think I’m town?

@ErikaFurudo can’t parse “Mafia neighborizor that can’t speak during the day is basically the equivalent of a cop”. Can’t tell if sarcasm. my understanding of it as a town role would be a weak quality of life one. As a scum role, pure claim candy, unless the intention is that would be a way of scum communicating at night if they otherwise couldn’t… which is kind of cute.

@Mental I found that post null and I don’t agree with Erika that NM should be treated like lock town. Erika is assuming that should be the case via Elli’s hard push on him earlier but Elli is an experienced mafia player and can bus if he wanted to, especially a partner that lurked. However if I were to continue that argument a point in NM’s favor is that it was possible Chesskid/Muffins would have come back to vote NM instead of no lynch.

Could you elaborate precisely why Erika’s opinion on NM’s alignment made you consider him town?

Fuck your draw

VOTE: ActionDan




What an astute deduction! Seems like you did always want to become a cupcake after all! Disappointed it took you so many guesses, get on my level.

M U F F I N S   W I S H E S   H E  W A S   A   C U P C A K E!

Beeboy is p sus

this better not be some trick no common letters troll






I keep forgetting about this game, the mechanic seemed amusing in signups but the lack of updates make it hard to remember to check on the thread.

alala I’ll probably sheep whatever reasonable wagon is out there.
Elli is probably scum this game someone can do the work getting him lynched I’m lazy.


What makes you think muffins, Dan?


VOTE: Ellibereth


Hangman Guess
@fferyllt A

get fucked kids I got the 9th post

vote: Ellibereth <- Claimed scum but editted it out
@ErikaFurudo sheep me you know I wouldn’t lie about something like this :cowboy_hat_face:

Ellibereth doing scum busy work

Even if you don’t trust my claim read this.

Ellibereth is the literal definition of scum busy work atm.
For his next trick is he going to organize posts for us?

@Ellibereth I got a ping when you mentioned me btw.

@Ellibereth I think replying to a post with a bump would be against the rules imo.
@northsidegal maybe the mod can confirm or deny this.

I want the “trying to help people improve” advertised Ellibereth I was told about on the MAFIA451 TWITCH STREAM TM not this explains nothing lame o mafiascum Ellibereth :frowning:

VOTE: unvote

I’ll even unvote you for a bit if it will. help encourage you

Can you change this?
Calling me sus despite knowing I am an emptional mafia player is literally the act of pissing on me, killing my dog and then proclaiming I am not a human. Like I don’t know how disugsting of a human being you have to be to call me “sus”.


As I was under the impression that mentions edited into a post would still mention a user, this is acceptable as a workaround.

Notice of Rules Change

The following rule has been added:

  • At any time where you could normally talk (i.e. while you are alive and during the day), you may make a post that consists of nothing but a dash ("-") in order to bump the thread. Do not edit this post.