Signpost Mafia (9/9)

The core mechanic of this game is that each player may only make a single post per day for the entire game: from there, they may edit that one post to communicate.

Public Information

  • 9 players
  • 2 Mafia
  • 7 Town
  • Otherwise, closed setup.

I will check the thread as often as I can (which should be pretty often as long as I’m awake) to update the current votecount. When I do this, I will make note of the time of the latest update.

Apart from that, all rules (regarding activity, voting, etc.) should be standard. If you’re /in-ing, i’d appreciate hearing what kind of deadlines you would prefer.


  1. Ellibereth
  2. _fferyllt
  3. Katsuki
  4. NotMafia
  5. Metal Sonic
  6. chesskid3
  7. beeboy
  8. brassherald
  9. Erika Furudo

Riley Cake, TGP on replacement list


Why’d you choose per day over every player just having 1 post the whole game?


even though posting once in a game goes against every fibre of my being


by per day, do you mean each RL day or each game day?

it was mainly to have it so that people didn’t have to constantly scroll past dead player’s posts, although reflecting on it further i wonder how much that really adds as compared to if it might actually remove things from play space.

i think i’m actually going to change it to what i originally had it as, once per game.

each game day, although as of now it’s just once per game.


Not sure I can be active enough for the post requirements though


Implying not mafias post isnt juat gonna always be doot

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I’m good with 5 or 7.






deadlines at 5/1 would be good.
Maybe 7/1

any deadlines fine, 5/1 preferred

Oh, I hate long deadlines, I say 1 week days is fine and I don’t plan to care on how long nights are since I will be a VT.

I appreciate the freedom in choosing our deadlines, but I’d not sure it makes sense. Since you’re creating the closed setup, I feel it makes more sense just to choose a deadline that accurately reflects the setup and makes sense.

I don’t think most setups have a deadline that best fist it. The best deadlines are just the ones where all the players can participate at a level they’re happy with.

Regardless if there were an intended deadline I’m sure nsg would put out a reccomendation for it!

Also 1 thing:
Edit history is viewable. Is that meant to be like that?