Sign up for Beeboy's Flavorless mafia game of fun - 9/9p

The day phases will last 4 days and night phases will last 1 day.
There will be 7 town players and 2 scum players.


  1. Ellibereth
  2. tn5421
  3. Erika Furudo
  4. NotMafia
  5. DS
  6. Chesskid
  7. osieorb18
  8. Screenplay
  9. Metal Sonic

sure, im game


in for beeboy mafia

in it to fuck it up for town



Let’s check this new group out! /in

Hi! Nice to meet you! Checking out the new forum! I’m one of the discord mods from MAL Mafia Society (and a player on MTGSalvation, and somewhat MU). I’m acquainted with Beeboy from prior games and Osie <3.

I would like to /in, I think I can handle 96 hour day phases during my semester, if i get to overwhelmed, then I will just replace


Heyhey, we don’t really “believe” in replacements in the sense that we almost don’t ever want them to happen and would rather prevent them in advance when possible. (Informational part of the site isn’t done yet and there’ll be a topic dedicated to talking about this).

About how much time reading/posting time do you think you’ll have? So far for “normal” mafia games you can expect around 80-100 new posts every real day in a D1.

ya replacements ruin the atmosphere of the game, dont worry, Im a top poster in my community, and pretty much read whenever I get the chance

the mask in the 451 logo has morse code that spells out “MAFIA”

anyways /spectate if that’s an option?


actually for the sake of game integrity, I will /spectate if thats a thing, if thats not, then im /out…

good lucky everyone

I am ok with spectators. :+1:


dingdingding, first person to notice! (I think?)
You win a nonexistent prize.


You win a password reset!

Not even a unique forum achievement. FeelsBadMan

To clarify, you can choose any person on this forum, whose password I will then force them to reset the next time they log in :smiley: