Shakespeare Mafia - The Balcony (Dead/Spectator Topic)

"We who once trod the boards now watch from the wings."



pyx feels a bit more town now

i still think ufo is town

i still think cheeky’s slot now momrangal’s slot is pretty clear scum

if momrangal flips w then cats is spewed v

cats feels v anyway

conviction behind goedel read is good

do you guys get notifications every time i post here lol

why softclaim huh

you know why

because i am a god and people will sheep me when i have found my lynch

actually i dont really like cats’ reads a whole lot

“this is a townlean but could be scum i guess”

“this is a stronger townread but also could be scum”

“this person i think is towny but might be scum”

noo giggles dont sheep me if my reads are off then loss is my fault lol

and yeah the ufo read was a meta read but it’s not strong i need more content from hiim

stop saying im obvtown lmao that game was in my scumrange

We do! There’s a little green bubble to the left of the avatar at the top right corner of the page that indicates a new (or how many new) private topic replies…

sorry for notifications if those bother you :stuck_out_tongue:

right now im at like

cats, giggles

pyx, tgp
–null–riley, kiana

No worries. I like seeing an active dead thread!

im still sort of pissed at myself

im used to mu where plurality is the standard so there’s no need to maj someone to get a lynch in

i was literally sitting there at eod while godel was at l1 and i would have hammered if i remembered ms uses maj only

I think of majority lynch as the default unless stated otherwise. In future games I mod, I will ALWAYS indicate what the lynch mechanic will be.

yeah lol it’s ok to always assume it’s maj lynch on ms/this site now i guess

i just forgot since im used to mu

also wtf why do they keep repeating that i was obvtown like ive seen it come up in like 1/4 of the recent posts

they underestimate my scumplay