Shakespeare Mafia Backstage: "And what’s he then that says I play the villain?"

Welcome to the Tragedian mafia backstage, TheGoldenParadox and Neymar

You can discuss the game and your strategies here at all times during the game days and nights.

You can PM your night actions to me or bold them here. You will need to specify who does the kill.

Good luck!

Hi what are you i’m a 1shot strongman

I’m a goon

hi mate, this is toranaga fwiw

not sure if you know me or not but I know you from mafiascum and we played mulch’s gunner mafia game together

Hey tor!
Yeah I remember you from MS!

Oh shit we have daychat @Neymar


ok so who do you think we kill?
I think mom will be lynched today and since NKA isn’t a thing anymore we just kill the towniest player so maybe sheep?

@TheGoldenParadox @Neymar You have about 12 hours to decide your night action.

killing sheep is fine

kill sheep

Prodding @Neymar @TheGoldenParadox

Welcome, parsec! You have daychat in this game, so post as you like in this private thread.

Hey partner!

hey buddy

idk if I should bus you or not

Do whatever you feel is best, I don’t mind.

Neymar, you’re the one most badly done by my mod error, so you have final say on whether to continue the game.

If you want to go forward, I’m going to give you parsec’s 1-shot strongman ability. to make up for the error.

let’s play it out