[SFM1] Dead Chat

tfw the mafia takes a really sub-optimal shot based on the idea they can push someone for a mislynch who happens to be an Innocent Child

Holy crap. What the heck did I miss between P#1000~P#1300?
How the heck did Ici become the second wagon?

lol okay

…Ici, how the heck did you get CFD’ed?

And see Zone

There’s a Witch with 4 abilities

And you thought 2 was scummy lol


I stand by my statement. Logic is thrown out of the window.

16 minutes before eod I saw scum being wagoned and I was like a CFD is going to happen and town is going to be hung. I come back and they hung the innocent child.



@Icibalus try using your Innocent child ability in dead chat to see what happens


for fuck’s
if i’d actually read my rolecard i’d have revealed way before i got lynched for shit reasons

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that’s a good start for this site
get lynched as innocent child
based on the actions of a previous fucking slot

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if i’d been online this morning like i usually am instead of loafing around in bed this disaster wouldn’t have happened and the wolf I’d nailed would’ve been dead

also i was laughing at anybody pushing me because i was literally going to claim Village Arsonist, something w!Ici absolutely never does
then i’d probably realise i was IC

two shot strong willer Omni miller with a N0 green check


okay your point is taken

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Always set an alarm for EoD dummy

Icibalus use your innocent child ability rn

bending reality to your will is as simple as 123!