Season 1!

Srceen play is Red-Eyes Black Dragon representing Red-Eyes
Beeboy is Blue-Eyes White Dragon representing Blue-Eyes
Guccy is Dark Magician representing Dark Magicians

You can talk here at any time



Guccy have we played before

its chesskid and versace so

so no?

wat r u asking lol Guccy is our hydra

so no? = I have not played with either of you before.

I thought that was clear

Graduated from Princeton and you can’t even figure something like that out.

wat we’ve played together

u got lynched day 1 as a scumfuk


versace = eddie = me buddy LOL


ok I’ll stop shit posting when we have actual stuff to talk about.

you’re in a neighbourhood with EDDIE CANE and CHESSKID and you want to stop shitposting? mad lad

Anyone read the rules yet and know how this game works?

i read our role pm and my brain ran away

How did you do that?
Do you have cards too?