Scumhunter's Speed - Day 3 (Complete)

Moderated by fferyllt's_Speed_8p


8 players:

  • 5 Townies
  • 3 Scum


  • Day start. It is mechanically Nightless (except for Night One, see below), although moderators may wish to have an event-free Night anyway to give players a break.

  • The scum QT is open during Nights and the first 48 hours of each Day at all times during the game. The timer starts ticking Day One when role PMs are sent out.

  • One week deadlines. Night phase must occur Day 1, but afterwards is at the discretion of the moderator.

  • You cannot no-lynch in Scumhunter’s Speed 8p. Lynches are plurality (with a majority instantly ending day, as normal). Ties are broken by seniority of the last vote.

  • The scum have no normal nightkill. However, after Day One only:

    • If a scum player is lynched, scum chose one player to kill, but it then becomes White Flag (scum lose when there is only one scum left)
    • If a town player is lynched, scum must kill one of their own.

Each player is allowed one 48 hour V/LA throughout the game. (Thus, don’t play a scumhunters 8p if you anticipate frequent V/LA’s for the next few weeks.) Declaring V/LA kills your lurkerscum timer. It starts ticking 48 hours after the declared V/LA (even if you come back before then).

Days will be 4 calendar days long. Nights will be 24 hours.


Erika Furudo
Metal Sonic

Town Role PM

Welcome, Player Name, you are a Townie.


  • Your weapon is your vote, you have no night actions.

Win condition:

  • If a scum player was lynched D1, you win when there are two dead scum players. If a town player was lynched D1, you win when there are three dead scum players.

Rolling now and sending out role PMs shortly! To confirm, reply to your role PM with your alignment. Once 7 of 8 players have confirmed, the game will begin.

I’ll update this post with progress. as pregame and confirmation stage progress.

Role PMs have gone out. Confirm by replying to your role PM with your alignment!

8 of 8 players have confirmed.

With 8 confirmed, Day 1 will start momentarily!

VC 1-1: Day 1 Begins!

Not Voting: 8 (RedFlavor, DS, Nanook, Erika Furudo, Metal Sonic, very_unique_name, Andresvmb, catspurr)

Deadline: November 17, 2018 4:00 AM

Note: Plurality Lynch rules are in effect. The game day will end immediately upon a majority vote of 5 for lynch, or at the set deadline with the player with the most votes being lynched.


Okay, so I won’t have as much time to read and annoy people.
But I am here now.

VOTE: metal sonic
Ez found mafia

Want to vote sonic ?

Sonic? Maaayyyybe!

Because he is mafia

That was quick!
How did you figure that out so soon?

Host told me

Since I am secret cop who can check N0

I see you are cat so I will give you fish if you vote sonic deal?

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Fresh Fish?


finally. That took forever.

VOTE: gtacc

probably rolled scum without me

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Hello. Do I know you?

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Maybe you do

If I vote myself can I get some fresh fish too?