Scumhunter's Speed 8P (Full! Accepting replace-in offers)

This setup was created by Hito and GreyICE. It has some interesting mechanics!'s_Speed_8p


8 players:

  • 5 Townies
  • 3 Scum


  • Day start. It is mechanically Nightless (except for Night One, see below), although moderators may wish to have an event-free Night anyway to give players a break.

  • The scum QT is open during Nights and the first 48 hours of each Day. The timer starts ticking Day One when role PMs are sent out.

  • One week deadlines. Night phase must occur Day 1, but afterwards is at the discretion of the moderator.

  • You cannot no-lynch in Scumhunter’s Speed 8p. Lynches are plurality (with a majority instantly ending day, as normal). Ties are broken by seniority of the last vote.

  • The scum have no normal nightkill. However, after Day One only:

    • If a scum player is lynched, scum chose one player to kill, but it then becomes White Flag (scum lose when there is only one scum left)
    • If a town player is lynched, scum must kill one of their own.

There is a variant that incentivizes scum lurking, and hence incentivizes town to lynch lurkers.

Scumhunter’s 8p + LaL

This variant is designed to incentivize scum lurking, ideally increasing player enforcement of activity. Note that this variant is NOT an approved open game. It is here simply because it assists with the design goals.

A scumbag lurking for 48 hours gets two points. For each 48 hour block they lurk after that, they get another point. Points are banked each night for all scum who are living. (If a town player is lynched D1, the scum being killed by their team will still have their D1 points count.) If one scumbag banks 4 points, or the whole team banks 7, they get an extra kill, flavored “Poisoned”. Scum can only get one such kill per game. It can only be used during Night.

Each player is allowed one 48 hour V/LA throughout the game. (Thus, don’t play a scumhunters 8p if you anticipate frequent V/LA’s for the next few weeks.) Declaring V/LA kills your lurkerscum timer. It starts ticking 48 hours after the declared V/LA (even if you come back before then).

I’m thinking run the regular version of this game, but if players prefer the LAL version, I’m willing to run it.

Things to discuss: Day lengths are 1 week and that’s considered “fast” in the environment where the game was created. Given the game emphasizes day-play with no PRs and only a Night 1 night kill, The day length seems about right to me. What are your thoughts?


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Erika Furudo
Metal Sonic



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No to LAL

In, prefer no LaL.

I think 3-4 day Days are the sweetspot, personally. Especially on this site where town is generally pretty strong, 7 days for a turn is tough for scum.

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ew yeah, please no 1 week deadlines. we should be converting this MS setup to 451 style

i really need to begin reading the fine print more

Confirm in

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3 day day phases with 24 hour scum day talk pref

/in either way


Yeah ı think deadlines should be more mafia451

Whaat its hito from liars club hahaha


No LaL please, this isn’t mafiascum


Oh just noticed the daytalk thing in the original ruleset. I don’t think it transfers well to do first fraction of time when you make the game length not insanely long. I don’t think scum should ever have daytalk in vanillay setups but I’m also not playing and even against night-talk a lot of the time. :stuck_out_tongue:

I didn’t notice it either. 24 hours day talk in a 72 hour day seems fine.

The weird part is that the constraint makes it highly likely that its super useful for certain people and totally unusable for others. Not the case for 1-week since its more likely the scumteam can take advantage of it and have a conversation over 2 days but a 24 hour window might just lock someone out.

I think its better to have either no daytalk or permanent daytalk. The latter is just, if used effectively, very good for scum. I think the setup’s town EV is low 40’s so either is fine, deciding on which direction you want to swing. I think the “ideal” random EV for two alignment games are something along the line of town winning 40% of the time, but the 50/50 camp also has merit.


I hope I roll scum

if i roll it too with you i can coach you

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I hope we are scum together

Hahaha why?

Since when I am the best scum? Everybody wants to be scum with me

the fake tunnel bus strat will be amazing

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Might be your avatar

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