RPG Mafia 9p

There are four Classes available to you at the start of the game. During n0 (after alignments have been randed), everyone will select their starting Class (or start as vanilla). There is a method to changing Classes after the game has started, which I will outline at the end. The overview for each Class, and its upgrade path, is as follows (unless otherwise noted, all actions are night actions):


Level one: Power of Faith (heals a poisoned player; day action.
Level two: Light Attack (blocks your targets Class abilities, but does not affect the factional kill)
Level three: Heavy Attack (blocks your targets Class abilities AND the factional kill–your target is informed they were blocked, even if they used no abilities)
Level four: Heavenly Attack (blocks, protects, and prevents any class abilities from effecting your target (with the limited exception of Death by a Thousand Cuts). Your target is informed they were blocked, even if they used no abilities)


Level one: Death by a Thousand Cuts (if you target a player three times, they will die. It does not need to be three consecutive nights, if you are roleblocked the counter will not go up, but your first and second targets will both penetrate Heavenly Attack)
Level two: Fortune Favors the Fast (you may choose to shoot either of the two players who posted the least the previous day)
Level three: Poisoned Blade (your target will die at the next EOD)
Level four: Force of Nature (you may kill a player of your choice)


Level one: The Grass Murmurs (informed if your target moved–you receive this report the following night)
Level two: The Trees Whisper (informed what actions, if any, were taken against your target–you receive this report the following night)
Level three: The Wind Cries (informed who, if anyone, your target visited–you receive this report the following night)
Level four: The Birds Sing (informed who, if anyone, visited your target–you receive this report the following night)

Each level ability may only be used a certain amount of times before it must “recharge.” Level one abilities may be used four times, level two twice, level three once, and level four once. Level one abilities recharge after one night, level two abilities require two nights, and level three and four abilities require three nights to recharge. You may invest in two Classes at once, but you may only use one ability per night.

Hit Rate

Each class level has the following hit rate:

Level one: 100%
Level two: 85%
Level three: 70%
Level four: 55%

There will be no distinction made between a roleblocked action and an action that doesn’t hit, and neither will award a CP. FCP are factored into the hit rate.

Critical Hit

Every Class Action that passes its initial hit rate has a 1% chance to be a Critical Hit. A Critical Hit cannot be roleblocked. Factional kills also have a 1% chance to be a Critical Hit.

Class Points

Class Points (CP) are required to advance levels. Everyone starts the game with 1 CP. There are twol ways to gain CP:

If you have put CP into any of the Class Trees, you will gain 1 CP for each night you successfully target someone.

If you have not put CP into any of the Class Trees, you will gain 1 CP for each day you are alive.

In addition, the mafia will have Factional CP (FCP). They start at 0, and gain one (as a group) for each successful NK they make. Each Factional CP may be secretly used to increase one mafia player’s Class level–FCP follow the same rules with regard to respecs, although notably they are considered separate from normal CP and thus can be assigned and respecced separately (ie, a Mafia player with 2 FCP in Warrior and 2 normal CP in Warrior can either use Force of Nature, or respec their FCP and use Fortune Favors the Fast). FCP allows a mafia player to invest in a third Class, although the limit of two Classes for normal CP still applies. Each mafia player may only be assigned 2 FCP each, and when a mafia player dies their FCP dies with them (it will flip how many FCP they possessed, if any).

You may only have two active Classes at a time. You may only have a maximum of 6 CP (I don’t anticipate this will be an issue!). On any night you may choose to Respec–you can reassign your CP points freely, but you will not be able to take any Class actions that night (this does not prevent a player from performing the factional kill).

At the start of every day (not including d1, cause everyone will have 1!), it will be announced how many CP each player has (but not how they are allotted, and this does not include FCP obviously). When a player dies, their flip will include how their CP was invested at their time of death (i.e., at the start of the phase they died in).

My standard AtE rules apply, phases will be ~48/24, eod at 5 or 6 pm eastern, majority hammer with plurality at deadline. Town:scum ratio will be announced at game start, will depend how many people sign up. Will take as many as want to play, need at least 13, and game won’t start before GoC is either over or close to over. Anticipate this starting probably around the end of February, maybe early March, but could start sooner if there’s enough interest.

Due to the nature of CP, I will not be using any subs this game, only modkills should a player need to leave the game. Please be aware of this.

Warrior paradox resolution: If two warriors target each other with blocks, the higher class level prevails. If they are the same class level, both are considered roleblocked for Class Actions but NOT for the factional kill.

9 player game, 7 town/2 mafia.

This is a ripoff of a game I saw on The Syndicate


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I don’t fully understand the rules, but sounds fun. Spam ping me on discord relentlessly if this runs since i might not check the site regularly.


OP updated with a few fixes to otherwise probably broken mechanics.

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