Rotating Hydra. 9p - 18 slots.

Cop / Doc
Townie x 6
Mafia Goon
Mafia Goon

9 players are the ‘host’ slot. They recieve a role pm.
9 players are hydra slots. Every game day, they are randomized a partner with a host slot and can communicate anyway they please.

The host slot’s role is hidden to the hydra slot.
No Flips.
N0 peek for Cop
N0 healy for Doc
Mafia can roleblock if 2 members.

how do the hydra slots win?

They inherit their win conditions from their host.

So whichever win con their partner has that day.

You’ll need to recruit some players to get 18 here I think


Also to clarify. It’s 18 players alive, in the game thread, talking and shit.

The original hydra pairings are public, but every other pairing is kept hidden.

elli would prefer there to be no promotion of hydras friend

Looks kind of fun but chaotic

I’d guess hydra slots die with the host slot and keep that wincon?


I guess since this game ain’t being run we can speculate about what would be the coolest settings for this game.

Maybe a situation where if the host dies, the hydra inherits that role and becomes a host. And if the host dies, the host can just champ on without a partner.

I wonder if you could get some kind of musical chairs situation going on

why isnt it being run?

if you can get 18 players ill host it