Roll 6d6 SCUM Thread

Welcome ActionDan, M2H, and Duskfall. You are the mafia team.

Action Dan is the Mafia Roleblocker
M2H is the Mafia Tracker
Duskfall is the Mafia Goon.

Here we go again

So town have roles from all 3 sections

LMAO I just slipped so hard

Once Elli bites like that he’s not letting go I think :frowning:

On me you mean?


This is my first experience against town Elli

good luck its traumatizing


Only about half the game are regulars though I think so maybe he won’t be as sheeped

ya there’s hope yet.

Maybe Makaze will make noise on a townie

It’s early yet but yeah feel free to vote me etc

oh hey this is cool I’m scum with Dusk.

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ok dusk im really bad at this scum thing


You picked the worst site to first role scum tbh


I think I can maybe deepmole

if I play dumb tbh

tbh we are caught asf

Still reading back