Roll 6D6 Mafia Signups

D6 Mafia

Game setup:


D6 Mafia is a 13-player Semi-Open Variable setup designed to offer a more balanced experience compared to C9++.

Town Power Roles:

To determine the town power roles, roll a die six times and mark down the numbers. Each roll corresponds to a grouping below.

1-3: Investigative
4-5: Protective
6: Killing

Mark down the number of each grouping and add the corresponding roles from the table below.

1 Innocent Child
2 Role Oracle
3 Role Cop
4 Tracker
5 Parity Cop
6 Cop (with Night 0 peek)

1 Bodyguard
2 Doctor
3 Roleblocker
4 Jailkeeper
5 Jailkeeper + Bodyguard
6 Roleblocker + Doctor

1 1-Shot Vigilante
2 2-Shot Vigilante
3 Vigilante
4 Vigilante
5 Vigilante + 1-Shot Vigilante
6 Vigilante + 2-Shot Vigilante

Add as many Vanilla Town roles as necessary to bring the total number of Town roles to 10.

Mafia Power Roles:

Count the number of town power roles from above, then take that number minus one. Roll a die that many times and mark down the numbers. Add the corresponding roles from the table below.

Mafia Roles
1 Mafia Roleblocker
2 Mafia Roleblocker
3 Mafia Jailkeeper
4 Mafia Role Cop
5 Mafia Tracker
6 Mafia Watcher

Add as many Mafia Goon roles as necessary to bring the total number of Mafia roles to 3.

-If the game includes an Innocent Child, they may PM the host at any time to be publicly confirmed as town. They are not automatically confirmed at the start of Day 1.
-If the game includes a Parity Cop, they will be able to target one player every night, beginning Night 1. Beginning Night 2, they will learn whether their target shares an alignment with their most recent successful target.
-If the game contains a Cop (with Night 0 peek), this N0 peek will always be that of a town-aligned player.


Basically I’m stealing this from Fenrir on Smogon who stole this from Makaze on MU.

I roll six d6 dice to figure out the setups power roles. It’s a fun setup so hopefully it becomes a regular thing.

Let me know if you have any questions about the setup

I didnt read

basically there are three categories that the dice rolls can land in. the more rolls within each category bumps up the power of the role in that category and the mafia is balanced off the power of the roles

got it is dayvig an option if so put me down for that thanks

there is potential for vig(s) but no day vig

reconsider pls

hidden achievement: unlock day vig possibility for next game by rolling vig and self vigging


i’d be down for a round of popcorn where chess gets the gun first round for sure LOL

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Motherfucker it wouldn’t take 5 days I’ll tell u that

I’ll either instashoot a clown

Or get most of them

gets day vig for once in his life

wastes instantly

seems right

rude i had a dayvig one other time and i hit scum but they were bp

o no that was a venge

that game was bullshit

i won that game twice

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Johnny motherfuckin dollar

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that was a classic moment

Yeah I had to get myself lynched because the game was full of morons

And somehow despite that shocking revelation they continued being morons