Reverse Mafia / Vote for Town

I’ve been thinking about this recently, is anyone interested in playing with this kind of mechanic where being voted out of the game is a positive for your wincon?

callforjudgement designed an 8p game around it:

  • Nightless
  • 6 Vanilla Townies
  • 2 Mafia Goons
  • Players may not self-vote except to hammer, but may self-hammer
  • Every day, the player with the most votes leaves the game (much as with a traditional lynch), but this helps their side’s Win Condition rather than hurting it
  • If enough townies manage to leave the game that Mafia are left making up half the remaining playerlist, town wins
  • If every member of the Mafia manages to leave the game, scum win

The problem is I feel like town probably sweeps that version every time here since both scum need to be voted out to win and they also have no nightkill, but I like the mechanic if anyone has good ideas.

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@fakegod has a dragon hunters setup that is like townhunting

This was hosted on smogon about 6 months ago, fun setup

I’d be down.