Retro Gaming uPick (13/13 ready)


  • This is a uPick themed around video games, particularly from Generation 6 and earlier (original xbox, gamecube, ps2, gameboy advance)

  • When you join, send me 3 choices.
    ** Choices can be a character from a game, a game, a game series, a company that made games, or anything else that was game-centric during or before the 6th console generation.


  • Day-talk is enabled.

  • Day phases last 72 hours.

  • Night phases last 24 hours.

  • Please order your list in order of preference

  • There will be at least one Vanilla Townie

  • There might be a third party(ies).

  • Explicitly not bastard.

Signups and Game Start

  • Signups will run for at least a week

  • The game will not start if we have less than 9 signups

  • There will be up to a 2 week design period after the game fills for role design.

Players Ready for the Tournament

  • DS

  • Key

  • Erika Furudo

  • GTacc

  • Gamma Emerald

  • KatyushaGB

  • chesskid3

  • ItsTurkeyTime

  • Tier

  • WhemeStar

  • Nanook

  • Andresvmb


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Note that you can only change your picks until I finish accepting signups. If this topic is closed, it is too late to change your picks!




Click that.

give me a bit to think abt picks :pensive:


you have a week
i’ll hunt you down before close if necessary

Yessss Katyusha

Win or lose we booze!

Is that you Narna

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wassup gamma

ftr because i made the same mistake he actually means no more than 3 choices


to be fair everyone else sent only 3 choices

im just very enthusiastic

Honestly I would’ve sent in more choices but I had a bit of nostalgia after explaining one of my choices lmfao

I gave myself one pick for each franchise I wanted represented and it ended up being 3

Hi can I play


You’re officially 451 now so yes

signups close this friday night, get your picks in or I will pick for you.

What is limit