Ranked Stats

This topic will be for posting/updating/discussing stats in ranked.

Not done yet but some progress: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1kBWmKGiQHp2Aaj-MvAoyBCKYMeScnJJ0qzOsblSNFSo/edit?usp=sharing

Keep in mind we’ll be building an actual on site UI for all this, sheets is just a temporary thing.

hype bomb

Can you see emails of people who click?

only if you explicitly share that. used to be able to if you joined a sheet’s chat, which is no longer available.


to be invited to edit is p much the only way these days

I can see people who view

you can see anons who view. the names are all anon unless an editor is logged in and editing

Thanks you anonymous hippo or jackal