Ranked Marked for Death





Ranked party cop when

Okay sending out roles.

tldr for scoring:

  1. 100% accuracy good.
  2. 100% accuracy with more data points better.
  3. I’m still not 100% sure on how to deal with getting marked. Assume you’d rather not get marked unless you think you’d be fucking up a lot otherwise.
  4. If you’re town try to vote mafia.

which of you fucks was last I think it was star


does anyone remember who was 9th LOL

we wrote a query

@GTacc was 9th sorry
@StarV was second oops

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it was a great team effort!

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I agree, even though it was mostly me.

I don’t remember lol

What is this

Anyone interested in a spectator thread?

oh yeah I forgot about @StarV’s great idea


Yes please