Prehistoric Micro Mafia OVER

Mammoth: May perform a day kill on a player who is currently voting, this does not end the day. The mammoth always has a vote regardless of how the spears are distributed.
Chief: The chief has 3 spears and must distribute them each day (he may choose to distribute any number including 0), players who have not received spears cannot vote for a lunch. They may still use the vote function, but their votes will not contribute to the lunch.
Hunter: Needs a spear in order for their vote to count.
Primative Hunter: This player cannot vote for a lunch, however, their vote instead is a redirect action which absorbs any votes / kills / spears originating from their target.

Primative Hunter Example

StarV is the Primitive Hunter in this example.

StarV votes Mantis
Mantis Kills Urist
StarV Dies

StarV votes Mantis
Mantis Gives Spear to Urist
StarV receives the Spear

StarV votes Mantis
Mantis votes Urist
Mantis vote counts on StarV instead

In the event of a tie, the Mammoth decides the lunch, I mean… Obviously, Mammoths are insanely heavy and cannot be defeated 1v1.


The dawn of man…

T’was a much simpler time. Free of the shackles of society. Hunt and live, fail and die. If only you had tools to make more spears, these 3 sticks are all you could muster…

Get to it!


Day 1 Begins

I’ll take one. Ty.



Just to clarify, everyone CAN vote, but not all votes count. So, do not assume hammers.

Mammoth vote counts without a spear

OP updated with roles.

Everything in this game is time-sensitive since stuff can happen in and out of thread, so if a privately delivered action causes the day to end, all actions submitted thereafter will be voided.

So is the spear shit private?

The distribution is.

Is there a way to mechanically break this game? Like if we split votes and the chief doesn’t give out spears can we mechanically out the mammoth depending on who flips via plurality d1?


testing testing 123

Primative Hunter re-worded for clarity in the OP

How do I vote

By voting

Testing testing 123

I think I’m more confused now lol