Popcorn but everyone gets guns 2 electric vigaloo 11p

Normal popcorn rules for town: scoot scum scum dies
Shoot town, shooter dies.

If a townie has just died shooting a townie the intended victim is now the sherriff and is the only one allowed to shoot, besides scum who can mercilessly gun him or her down

Rules apply for scum: shoot scum, scum who was shot dies.
Shoot town both die.

Nightless. Scum get to talk
4 scum 7 town

Total game has a 120 hour time limit after which scum win.

Scum win at even numbers

@Josh @tier @Nanook

does scum decide who gets the first gun

There is no first gun

Whoever is the first to shoot someone can move the game into confirmed town regular popcorn mode by sucking.

Scum can then release it into free for all by bombing that person


Me and me mom and me dad and me gran we’re off to waterloo

Misleading name but /in

We could go with 5 v 3?

post it on discord.

2 more! Nice fun low stakes game where u get a gun or bomb!

My bad bro I thought I inned already

Just need one

someone else mod chess play?

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mod doesn’t even have to do much if we honor system our own flips

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is it that ridiculous an idea