Kinda want to do a themed game since we don’t do that much here.

Sign-up by hitting the blue “in” button above this post. 15+ would be cool, powers based on Pokémon attacks.


I call pikachu though

Not gonna make it a upick since the roles will be based on the flavor

I know, i was just saying what ever the fuck you make pikachu give me that role so i can be pikachu

I’ll be mewtwo but town thanks

Don’t we need 150 players?

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Yeah exactly, you gotta catch em all

Anyone seen that pokemon porno? I’m glad I didn’t have the internet until I was like 8 or 9 cause if I saw that shit really early I’d be so much more fucked up tbh

yeah you cant get pikachu bro…

youre more of a plusle at best

Maybe @ people who joined josh game

Eh, not gonna @ people - people who want to play will play

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Dont @ me

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Apparently people who wants to play this game is people who play games here regularly so I thought @ing might work (it could also give us more permanent members)

2 big games at once is also a commitment so interest may pick up after

This is my thought also - not in a rush to start this

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That gives me an idea. Have group tags here like discord does so you can have an @mafia tag for people who want to be @'d for new mafia games.

We have that in a sense

But spam is bad

Also we deliberately dont have an @all