Pokémon Mafia (GAME OVER)

Ash turns down a dark alleyway, hearing the pitterpatter of footsteps behind him growing closer and closer. Another turn and he runs into a dead end. He’s trapped. He turns around to face his destiny, turning his hat around in the process.

A member of Team Rocket comes around the corner. Ash tosses his pokeball up and down, running over his options before throwing out his choice.


He tosses the pokeball down the alleyway and it opens up to release the enormous monster Snorlax, who Ash now realizes is much too big for the small alleyway. As he expands from the pocket dimension into reality, he crushes Ash against the wall.

“Fuck…” Ash thinks to himself… “Shoulda used Pikachu.”

As you make your way to town hall, you notice the bodies of a few Pokémon lying near the steps.



Pokémon: Snorlax
Alignment: Town
Win Condition: Eliminate all threats to Town

Rest - May be used once per game to save yourself from harm, though it will put you to sleep the next phase.



Pokémon: Hitmonlee
Alignment: Team Rocket
Win Condition: Win when all threats to Team Rocket have been eliminated and your team is the majority party.


Mega Kick - Fucking kick them in the face and kill them!

Team Rocket May communicate amongst themselves during all phases.


With 13 alive, it takes 7 to lynch.
Plurality and hammer are both active.
48 hour days, 24 hour nights.


  1. Be active in the game no matter what your role is. Inactive players will get left in the game, but will probably lose . Everyone’s role can be important.
  2. Do not talk about the game outside the thread, unless your role specifically allows it.
  3. Do not quote anything sent to you in a private message. Use your own words if you want to pass along the information.
  4. Ask the mods if you have a question about anything. If it isn’t something you would know, we’ll say so.
  5. Have fun. It is a game. Play to win but also play the game to enjoy it.
  6. Try to post at least once a day phase.
  7. Do not edit the content of your posts. You may only edit typos and basic grammatical mistakes.
  8. Try to stay on topic.
  9. I am available to be online most of the time, but if a deadline is reached and we are not around, someone with the ability to lock the thread should do so.
  10. Lynches are done publicly with a needed 51% of votes for a lynch. (e.g. With 20 alive it will take 11 votes for a lynch). No lynch is allowed and we expect someone to bitch about it Day 1 if anyone votes for that. Plurality will always be in effect. If the vote is tied at the deadline, there will be a 30 minute extension. If at the end of 30 minutes the vote is still tied a No Lynch will occur.
  11. Day phases will last approximately 48 hours. Night phases will last no longer than 24 hours. These will only be modified in extreme circumstances, and will be announced by the mods.

If you have any questions, please ask the mods for clarification.


General Order of Actions

  1. Changers (Roleblock, Bus Driver, Framer, Nexus, etc.) - Resolve Immediately
    1a. Bodyguard - Continuous (If protecting the Changer, Bodyguard goes first)
  2. Investigators - Cop Resolves Immediately; Watchers and Trackers are Continuous
  3. Recruiters - Resolve Immediately
  4. Killers (a. Vigilante and Others, b. Serial Killer, c. Mafia) - Resolve Immediately
  5. Healers (Doctor/Healer Resolves Immediately)
  6. Other visiting actions that don’t fit nicely into the above categories
  7. All Continuous Actions Resolve

Generic Win Conditions - not all groups guaranteed to be present

Town: Eliminate all threats to the town.
Mafia: Eliminate all threats to the Mafia and have 50% (or greater) of remaining players.
Cult: Eliminate all threats to the Cult and have more than 50% of the living members
Survivor: Be alive when any one faction reaches their win condition
Serial Killer: Be the last man standing (or end the game in a 1v1 situation) and/or successfully kill 25% of the total number of starting players. Player will continue on with the game if they reach the secondary win condition.
Other 3rd Party: Win conditions may vary based on role

An evolutionary stone will be dropped into the thread after post 500. Post ##pick up (stone name) to grab it for yourself.

Deadline is at:


(post withdrawn by author, will be automatically deleted in 2000000000 hours unless flagged)

##pick up big stone

##pick up line

Are you a beaver, cause Dam, Dan.

“Everyones’s role can be important”

Ok, I’m calling bullshit on this right now. Bastard mod.

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im hardclaiming survivor

full disclosure: i also have an active ability, to help keep me alive. but id rather not share that now.

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also, if any cop wants to target me, ill show neutral, im not in any pt, and i have no killing action

im not claiming pokemon, it hints at what my role is and i dont want to out that yet

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Isn’t your role survivor?

yes, why?

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ok,ok, I’ll leave you alone. I think Josh is lying, but that seems to be more indicative of his town game than scum game.

Give me the stone or I report you all

Chesskid claiming Lord Voldemort / Professor Quirrell?

Gary. Motherfucking. Oak.

Btw if anyone claims not gen 1 I’m lynching them even if they are IC. Real pokemon only in this sumbitch