PoE Mafia v2 (open setup, 7+)

The rules have changed slightly (bolded)

This setup is for an odd number of players. The number of mafia will be n/2, rounded down. No power roles. 48h days.

Every day, players may place a number of votes equal to the number of living mafia. At the end of the day, the top 50% (rounded up) players are nominated for elimination. In the event of a tie, the mafia decides who goes into the pool. The mafia may not change their votes after EoD. Instead, if a player has placed fewer than the maximum number of votes, the mafia may assign the remainder after EoD.

If no town were nominated, the town wins.
If no mafia were nominated, the mafia wins.
If a mix of town and mafia were nominated, the mafia must eliminate one of each from the pool of nominees, and the game continues.

Game will start when I feel like it.

in it to win it this time, now that everyone’s read the rules :stuck_out_tongue:

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are they going to read the rule change tho

I like the rule change

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What rule change?

imagine reading the rules

Ok i would play if people respected rerands

it’s an open setup, what are you talking about

Doom 2

do i not get the reference bc the rooms are private?

no people didnt speak and tied in MisDKDK

We didn’t tie, we simply elected two Town with one execution.


I’ll start once we get an 11th


Haha, I was actually looking at this a few minutes ago and considering whether I want to take on a 2nd game. :grinning:

I know

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I was trying to look at the 1st game for this and figure out exactly how this works. And then what this rule change fixes from the 1st game.

Okay, I’ll /in. I think I understand generally how this works. Though I need to go to bed soon, so not sure if I’ll be available at the start.

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The original rule (that mafia could change their votes after EoD) was to avoid an exploit where town could simply all vote for one mafia and win d1. Unfortunately, it meant that the best strategy for town would be to all vote the same way, since they’d lose if they failed to all vote for at least one scum.

The new rule eliminates both the exploit and the lose condition above.

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