PoE Mafia (open setup, 7+)

This setup is for an odd number of players. The number of mafia will be n/2, rounded down. No power roles. 48h days.

Every day, players may place a number of votes equal to the number of living mafia. At the end of the day, the top 50% (rounded up) players are nominated for elimination. The mafia may change their votes after the end of the day to influence the nomination, although this change will be public. In the event of a tie, the mafia decides who goes into the pool.

If no town were nominated, the town wins.
If no mafia were nominated, the mafia wins.
If a mix of town and mafia were nominated, the mafia must eliminate one of each from the pool of nominees, and the game continues.

Game will start on Monday, or once I get 7 players, whichever comes last.

Going to end signups and send roles in ~12h

Need 1 more!