Players Mafia uPick



Roles were created before alignments were randed. Trying to angleshoot role PM messages will get you modkilled. So will being inactive and not responding to prods in a timely manner.

All role PMs are out and D1 will start later today.

D1 has begun and will end no later than 2020-01-15T23:00:00Z (yeah it’s a weird amount of time, after this most phases will be a normal amount of time)


Go go go

VOTE: row666
I am now a religious person, God told me they are mafia.

As the undisputed best player in this game I’ll be your god and tell you who the mafia are.

VOTE: Ellibereth

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VOTE: Ellibereth
Row666 is high level satan follower but I will do as God says

VOTE: Row666

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VOTE: row666

Friends, let’s do that definitely but later. I have a plan.

Don’t vote row yet.

HAIL BREAD (satan is clearly bread)

Hi guys, it’s your friendly neighborhood doggo, just wanna say hi and wag my tail. Let’s not fight too much!

Gtacc is my soulread, but ActionDan is my statistical read.

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Erika is my gutread, gtacc is my other gut read.

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however I will stay voting row

VOTE: row66

I will never unvote you until the point that one of us gets lynched.

This is how my role work