Players Mafia upick

Do you want to be more like your favorite (or least favorite!) mafia player? Well now you can be!

How it works: pregame you send me two players you want to emulate and why

I send you a role PM based off those two players strengths and weaknesses

You play and have fun!


You send me Chesskid and Dan, chess because he’s good at finding town and Dan because he’s sharkier than jaws.

You get a vig shot that only goes through if it hits scum, but you’re only allowed to talk in penis metaphors and references, and every other day you disappear from the thread entirely.

Play this game it will be fun


Would like to get 9 for this at least, preferably 11

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Probably gonna put out a call for choices for those who haven’t sent them to me already this week and close signups this weekend. At least one more would be good.

Most roles have been created, will probably close signups sometime today