Player Stats Page

There’s a stat page you can find here:
It’s a WIP version 1, we’ll be updating it and adding features in the coming weeks.

Some notes:

  1. Only the data for 2 games are entered for forum mafia, all future games will be added on completion and we’ll slowly get the data for past games in.
  2. The video mafia data is more populated but also not current.
  3. We’ll be making the page more useful (filters and metrics) in the future along with making it more accessible. Similarly leaderboards and the like are to come.

If existing functionality is bugged let us know.

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your date formats are in european

cool beans

Sorry, we prefer our site to be top-notch.

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Less “european”, more “most countries in the world” :stuck_out_tongue: Yeah I just put the dates in to distinguish video mafia games and forgot the US has a different format, we’ll figure out something that isn’t so internationally confusing.

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Fixing some bugs here so temporarily disabled. Improving the design soon too.